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    When the situation is consistently making you feel exhausted emotionally, physically, or spiritually, take it as a serious ground for letting go. And if most of the time you feel alone, disrespected, or unheard, guys, you should definitely stop. You can't always be like that. You don't deserve to stay and suffer in that kind of situation.
  • Why Does Grandma?

    “Good morning Grandpa! Done brushing my teeth!” “Come here, Simon....
  • Pay It Forward

    Paying it forward does not always mean returning the same...
  • Cotton candy

    Early this morning, I decided to go for a walk...
  • A Drop of Kindness

    Let's cultivate the kindness within you, my friend. Once in a while, little by little, day by day. The moment you wake up each day, practice kindness. Until it become a part of your system.

    It's not unknown that sometimes uttering the word YES is as hard to decide as riding a Ferris wheel for the first time. It's like running excitedly toward the ticket booth and instantly feeling anxious because it will be your first time. Then you're struggling in buying a ticket pass. You may even be considering constantly standing aside and watching the bright smiles, waves of laughter, and even the screams of excitement brought to the people who dare to ride it.
  • Be Brave

    What is being brave really means? Those are commonly asked...

    Setting Goals Can Be Difficult at First, But It Is...
  • Be Happy

    We are talking about simple and happy living. When we talk about lifestyle, we are talking about living in a way that is conducive for greater material well-being. When we talk about lifestyle, we are talking about people who matter most to you, who are your family, and who can make a positive impact on your life - both your material well-being and your emotional well-being. In fact, the concept of sustainable living is the polar opposite of what people usually think of when they hear the term 'sustainable'. Here, we are talking about things like having enough money to buy what you want, having food that will sustain you for longer, having a vacation that is meaningful, and so much more.
  • Five Simple Rules for day-to-day life.

    Love is everything one needs. Don't forget to love yourself all the time. By simply combing your hair even if you stay at home or dressing beautifully even if you go to the grocery store. You need to love yourself even in the simplest possible manner. Once you get used to doing it every day, you will find it easy to do simple things with love!
  • 8 Best Valentines Presents for Your Wife ideas

    For married couples Valentines Day is one of the most important days of the year. This may be the one-day of the year that you get a romantic date night, especially if you have children or other responsibilities that can defer you guys having real quality time together. This is a cherished time that you get to spend with one another, so you should have planned a special evening with a thoughtful gift. There are many gifts you could purchase for your wife, below are our top eight selections.