Learn to forgive yourself.

Was there a time when you could say that you are not totally at peace with yourself?

Was there a moment when you somehow blame yourself for not passing the exam or for not finishing your studies?

There are people who are feeling exactly what I was saying. Why? Because I, myself, am guilty. I sometimes feel like I was not at peace with myself. I feel like I was not doing my best and I was not satisfied with my previous decisions. One of them is when I didn’t pursue my childhood dream. Dream to become a preschool teacher. It was my dream to be surrounded by toddlers every day. Teach them and play with them the whole day. And most importantly is to be with them so that I could always feel the pure and sincere love only an innocent child could bring.

Lastly, I love kids. So, that was one of my regrets that made me feel uneasy with myself sometimes. When things are not going smoothly, I somehow blame myself for not defending and pursuing my dream.

There were a lot of ‘what-ifs and maybes’. I know that there’s no way to bring back the time so it is pointless to dwell on the past. But I could say that it was not as easy as you thought it would be. Once you choose a decision that you think is not agreeable to you but still choosing to do so, be prepared for the consequences.

If you are well aware of your decisions and the consequences, it is and will always be hard for you to handle the situation sooner or later. And all these things will lead you to a stressful and unsatisfied feeling someday. It will be the cause of your regrets someday. But don’t worry.

Always remember that it is yourself alone who has control of everything and has full authority over how you’re going to manage your life. It is always you who could make your life become easier and less stressful. The first and basic step is to forgive yourself for everything. Learn to let go of all your regrets and start to learn how to appreciate your current life. Once you succeed in forgiving yourself, you’ll find yourself focusing on how to make your life better. Then no one will have the power to stop you from becoming a better version of yourself.

Forgive yourself for everything and start living your life to the fullest.

Travel more and see the world.
Enjoy your life because we only have one life in this world.
Just look and move forward.
Smile, it made a huge difference.

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