Simple Acts Of Kindness

When was the last time that you said “good morning too” to the security guards on-duty at the mall entrances?
When was the last time that you expressed your appreciation to the delivery man for delivering your packages on time?
Have you ever greeted the street sweepers?
Have you ever given something to the homeless?

I hope your answer would be a ‘Yes’. Because those are some of the simplest things that you could do for someone who deserves at least a little bit of your kindness. Kindness doesn’t have to be expressed in a grand way. As long as you do it sincerely, that’s what really matters. You just have to do it with all your heart, not with any selfish motives or intentions. There is a big difference when you do it with a camera in your right hand. You know what I mean, right? No need to elaborate on that thing.

A while ago, when I was on my way to the gym, I saw a homeless man lying on the side of the street. He looks miserable obviously. Every time I saw a homeless person, I would always think about how they end up being homeless. How they manage to survive every day. Wondering if they eat at least three times a day. As I was about to walk past him, I felt guilty for not giving him anything because I didn’t bring any cash. There was also a girl walking ahead of me, she gave a dollar to the homeless man. The man didn’t say anything but I could see the smile on his face. Judging him, I think he is not in his good state of mind. I walked past him and in my mind, I feel sorry for him. I remember there was an open lunch box beside him, bottled water, and some biscuits. And there was a rusty small tin wherein the kind hearted people dropped their coins and a few dollars. I could tell that the homeless man would not be starving for today. And maybe until tomorrow. Sometimes witnessing a small act of kindness brings us to the realization of how huge blessings it would be to other people. Sometimes we need this kind of encounter for us to really appreciate all the blessings that we have. To see how blessed we are. To realize how lucky we are to have a house, enough food on the table, and a warm bed to sleep into at night. We know that most of us get easily irritated when things didn’t happen the way we wanted, am I right? Well, I am guilty. How about you?

I hope all of us will start to learn how to become better people. In a way that we would learn how to appreciate our lives even more and then eventually, we would become more compassionate to other people especially to the less fortunate ones. Would it be nice if all of us knew how to be kind to others and sincerely shared a blessing? Always remember that you don’t need the grandest way to express your kindness. A simple act of kindness will always be enough. Start to respond to the warm greetings of the crews in the restaurant; learn to say ‘thank you’ when a saleslady offers her services; or say ‘good morning’ to the street sweepers. Appreciate the delivery man for arriving on time then you could help them by giving a good rating or feedback for their good service. There are a lot more ways on how you could express your kindness to other people. Do it and it will make a huge difference. You will feel happier. And you will make them happier by acknowledging their services, extra efforts, good deeds, and sometimes it makes them feel like their existence matters. So why not starting today challenge yourself to do some of these simple acts of kindness? Spread love, positivity, hope, and most especially, kindness.

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