Basic ways to reduce bloating

Do you always have a bloated stomach?

For most women, easily having a bloated stomach is one of the most annoying things to happen especially when they are on a date, attending a party, or even when staying at home only. They will feel uncomfortable and eventually they will start to feel body-conscious, not to mention if they are wearing a sexy and body-fitted dress. Try to imagine how anxious they will feel. It will definitely lessen their confidence to walk around and mingle with other guests. Well, I’m not saying this for everyone. Some may not make this an issue of course, and I respect them. But sometimes I heard that even my mom and sisters are talking a big deal about having a bloated stomach. There was a time when one of my sisters was annoyed when she couldn’t wear the new dress my mom bought for her.

So I ask some of my close girlfriends regarding this topic and almost most of them are saying that having a bloated stomach is indeed affecting their confidence in those certain situations. They say that it is general knowledge that women want to look their best. So obviously, if a person gets bloated after a meal, they feel uncomfortable.

Have you ever experienced that kind of situation? Don’t feel shy or embarrassed because you are not alone. There are hundreds of women out there that are having the same problem as yours. So, because of this, I was curious about how to avoid or at least minimize this bloating issue. I tried to research the basic thing on why and how to debloat.

  1. The first thing is maybe you are drinking too much water while eating.
    That’s right! It is not advisable to drink and drink more water while you are in the middle of eating your meal. Why? Simply because it will affect the digestion process. There’s a more scientific explanation for that but this time, we don’t have to tackle all those things. Let’s just make it as simple as possible. I know you will agree with me guys. So the basic tip is to have a glass of water twenty or thirty minutes before your meal. Then you can have your water again an hour or so after eating. Just give enough time to digest all the food you just ate.
  2. The second thing is that maybe you guys are used to eating too fast.
    Yes! Eating too fast is not a good idea because you are swallowing more air. The faster to eat the more air you swallow. So try to eat a little bit slower. In connection with eating too fast, the next basic tip is you have to chew your food properly. True! Chewing your food properly will help your digestion process later a lot better. Try to imagine if you don’t chew a chunk of meat. Sounds funny but that meat will require more time to digest and that will absolutely cause you bloated after for sure.
  3. The third basic reason for having a bloated stomach is soda and sugar alcohol.
    On any occasion, sodas, juices, or sugar alcohol are always available. Those kinds of drinks are one of the top reasons for your bloated stomach. So you better drink water. Water is your best option. It is way healthier than alcohol. And oh! Avoid using straws when drinking, you will only swallow more air. And that can cause bloated, just drink it straight from the glass or cup.

Our last tip is to try to avoid eating raw vegetables. Well, most of my friends told me that there is actually a bad effect for them when eating raw vegetables. They easily feel bloated after eating. So they suggest cooking your vegetables. I guess maybe because the fiber is hard to digest that’s why it is more practical to cook everything, right? That’s it! I think that’s the basic and simplest way on how to reduce or avoid bloating. I hope you learn something!

So how about you, want to share your thoughts on why and how to reduce or avoid bloating?

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