Pandemic’s Aftermath

Job Hunting in the Philippines: The New Normal

BY: â’¶ JBS â–’ New Normal â–’ Philippines

The difficulty of finding work during pandemic.

During a pandemic, it is difficult to find work. There are several procedures and requirements since everyone is scared of an infection, which is why they are taking additional precautions, not every company restricts the prerequisites.

It was previously tough to get a job due to the numerous prerequisites that companies are asking for, however this has become more challenging.

Here are requirements when looking for job in Philippines.

  1. Resume / Photo *required
  2. NSO Birth Certificate / Marriage Contract *required
  3. Barangay Clearance *required
  4. Police Clearance *required
  5. NBI Clearance *required
  6. School Credential / Diploma *required
  7. Job Certificate *required
  8. Medical Certificate *required
  9. Tax Identification Number (TIN) *Mandatory
  10. Social Security System (SSS) *Mandatory
  11. PhilHealth *Mandatory
  12. Portfolio *Supporting details
  13. Recommendation Letter *Supporting details
  14. Swab Test RT-PCR Result Certificate (NEW) *required

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