Amazing Dog

There is usually a dog or a cat to care for in every home. Every family usually has a dog and a cat as pets. One of the reasons for this is the ancient idea that having a dog or a cat is important so that if there are illnesses, a dog or a cat may catch them.

However, this belief is ridiculous. But I have a dog story. Because of white color and a big dog, I named him Whitey. Kind dog, and due to the sound of the bark, it is really terrifying when it howls.

Whitey is always with me in the farm, rain or shine, and loves to play in the dirt while I’m planting crops. When we’re hiking up the hills, this dog is normally in the front of the pack, ready to sneak if there’s danger ahead.

I couldn’t get out of bed one morning because I felt dizzy, and I noticed Whitey staring at me. Perhaps he is awaiting the regular schedule of going to the farm. Whitey, on the other hand, had a sorrowful expression on his face this time. So I carefully walked down the bed and rubbed Whitey’s back.

This time, I stayed at home all day since I had a headache and couldn’t walk well. As the sun sets, I feel better and no more ache. But one thing I noticed was that Whitey spent the entire day napping and not eating properly. I fed Whitey in the morning, but he didn’t consume it till this evening.

I may not believe in superstitions, but there is one thing I will never forget about the moment that whitey showed me.

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