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    My Daily Mission

    Do you have a life mission? I'm guessing there's a lot. If so, what exactly are they? Do you mind if you share it with us?
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    A straightforward, sincere statement with no sarcasm or deception. And for a while, the two didn't say anything.
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    How do you celebrate your life? Do you even appreciate your life? Nowadays, I notice...
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    Learning to Unlearn

    Is it possible to reverse what we’ve learned?How can we erase what we’ve been taught...
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    Austin Lucius Madisson and Hannah Madisson enjoy sundown, talks about acceptable living. Austin Lucius and Hannah...
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    Power Of Smile

    What is the power of smiling? How often do you smile? “There is no magic,...
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    The Mommy And Baby Cats

    Two days ago, my cat gave birth to two beautiful kittens. She gave birth outside our house because it happened that our door was locked and she's outside. Upon seeing the newly born kittens, my mom gave them a piece of cloth to lay down and keep them warm. We wanted to carry and put them inside the house but we hesitate to touch them because their mom might react differently upon giving birth. So we decided to let them there in the meantime. But we have to make sure that they can stay warm outside and safe in case of rain.
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    Pay It Forward

    Paying it forward does not always mean returning the same favor to the same person...
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    A Drop of Kindness

    Let's cultivate the kindness within you, my friend. Once in a while, little by little, day by day. The moment you wake up each day, practice kindness. Until it become a part of your system.
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    It's not unknown that sometimes uttering the word YES is as hard to decide as riding a Ferris wheel for the first time. It's like running excitedly toward the ticket booth and instantly feeling anxious because it will be your first time. Then you're struggling in buying a ticket pass. You may even be considering constantly standing aside and watching the bright smiles, waves of laughter, and even the screams of excitement brought to the people who dare to ride it.
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    This fashion toward without borderlines remote work presents opportunities and challenges for employers.
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    Five Simple Rules for day-to-day life.

    Love is everything one needs. Don't forget to love yourself all the time. By simply combing your hair even if you stay at home or dressing beautifully even if you go to the grocery store. You need to love yourself even in the simplest possible manner. Once you get used to doing it every day, you will find it easy to do simple things with love!
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