A Memory That Will Never Die

BY: TRUE TO LIFE STORY: This is Jeremy's narrative, which is now in his second school year, and he didn't forget how and when he fell in love and was heartbroken. Jeremy may be defined as a geeky person, who is really sensitive at that time, cheerful but sometimes also unhappy, lacking in confidence but as other people say, sweetly. Child and mistreated so many times


When he first met Sarah, he was in his first high school year. Because their school only has one section every year, they met and connected effortlessly. They spoke a lot about their lives and talked about love. Sarah had a partner for a year in their upper level, so Jeremy decided to minimize his closeness to Sarah, but he considered it best friend.


Second year high school, they became even closer to each other. They were having lunch together and Jeremy drives Sarah home. They even have a theme song. Jeremy doesn’t want to be in love with her because Sarah already has a boyfriend, but then, he suddenly realized that he was starting to fall in love with her more than friends, and that time, Jeremy hopes that Sarah feels the same way too. Even their classmates thought they were on relationship that time, but no. With their extreme closeness, they are often linked together by their classmates, even professors. You would think they were still acting wedding then, with a matching marriage contract on the back page of the book and a couple ring. And because of this, Jeremy felt more that he fell in love with Sarah.


Third year high school, they became busy with their studies. They are also thinking hard about the title for their research paper. But Jeremy was still able to make Sarah feel how he felt for her. Sarah once said, “You’re even sweeter than my boyfriend, Jeremy, don’t be too kind, I might fall in love with you”. Jeremy didn’t know what to answer but he just held his hand. They often do things that someone in a relationship does such as kissing when they go home, holding hands while walking on the road home, embracing when they have vacant time, writing things they want to say to each other, such as things they often tease, secrets to other classmates’ unwanted behaviors, and even in the text, they often say I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU.

They also had a lot of fights with Sarah before. Jeremy is also very sensitive. For example, when they went home, Jeremy blamed a fight between them, when he made Sarah cry because of a misunderstanding by Jeremy. There were times when Jeremy’s brain suddenly narrowed and he asked himself why he did that to Sarah. Jeremy also didn’t sleep that night, nor could he review even though they had an exam the next day thinking about Sarah. They didn’t notice that day, and Jeremy understood because he was also to blame for why it happened. Another intense confrontation took place between the two of them. Jeremy had times of extreme stress and he was teased by his classmates and Sarah was with him. Jeremy suddenly walked out and even he, he didn’t know why he reacted like that. Sarah chased after him but Jeremy didn’t notice who frowned until their next class. Sarah was annoyed with Jeremy at the time, because he was so sensitive. But Sarah passed on in the letter what she was upset about, in reply with Jeremy’s letter SORRY letter for her. However, when they have a fight, they can easily get along because one is always humble.


Fourth year high school, their graduation day is near, they are too busy for the completion of projects and assignments, handling their thesis and preparation for graduation rehearsals. When they have vacant time, they spend a lot of time together, and they talk about how they feel about each other. Jeremy confessed his feelings for Sarah, Sarah seemed to burst into tears and said “but I still have my boyfriend, Jeremy, but you know, I’d rather be like this, than have a commitment”, and Jeremy agreed and was happy he is there.

Soon, Sarah and her boyfriend separated, probably because of things they could not understand sometimes. Maybe it’s because of their year gap with each other.

“Can I court you? Jeremy asked Sarah, and she agreed. And Jeremy continued to court with Sarah, even though he didn’t fully know what he should do but he did it because he loved it.

They have a classmate that Jeremy is jealous of because of their developing closeness. It was here that Ralph emerged. They had a strange relationship then, and Jeremy was hurt at that time because we could make Sarah laugh like Jeremy does to her when especially when she is sad. One week after they met, they called someone, BEST even, Jeremy can’t help but keep quiet, he also feels jealous but he has no right to that. And they’ve become closer at her best since then, and Jeremy and Sarah are slowly losing their sweetness.

“Isn’t he just playing on you Jeremy?” a random question from one of their classmates struck Jeremy. Jeremy doesn’t mind what he hears because he knows he loves Sarah. And he found out something from other people he talked to. “He’s not courting me, were just friends. Jeremy was hurt because he knew he was doing everything to make Sarah feel how much he loved her. Until they graduate, Jeremy is happy with a picture of them together.

Many days passed from the time they graduated until the day they met again. It was a vacation when their section organized get together, of course with Sarah and Ralph. Jeremy first noticed that Ralph’s hugs and holding of Sarah’s hand, while Sarah looked at Jeremy sadly, seemed wanted to say something. Jeremy didn’t care about what he saw, and he seemed to have a suspicion that he was different from the two, but he preferred to have fun that day, then suddenly, Sarah came to Jeremy asking Can we talk? With teary eyes and holds Jeremy in hand. Can we go on private place, I will just tell you something.

They went to a place where only the two of them could talk.

“What else should we talk about?” bowed Jeremy said to Sarah. “I want to say sorry, Jeremy” “Sorry for what?” “I accidentally fall in love with him, the way I felt you before.

“You don’t have to say sorry. Its just that you loved him more than me. I gave everything, we’ve been together since first year, we settled with no commitments, but him? For about 3 months? You fell in love with him that easily? “But Jeremy, I really love you..”


Jeremy bowed and did not speak. Because he knew he would cry over what he would say next for Sarah. He really refrained from crying in front of Sarah, but Sarah suddenly cried those moments. They both fell silent but a few minutes later, “I’m fine, don’t understand me and I’m happy for you” Jeremy said to Sarah and she stood up and embraced Sarah and they went back the cottage. Sarah held Jeremy’s hand all the way to the cottage and Jeremy knew it was the last time he can hold her hand, the hand that releases Jeremy’s stress and problems each day.

At the cottage, Jeremy preferred to be alone and cried. He even cried more that when his best friend came saying that they already knew about Sarah and Ralph before the get together. They chose not to tell Jeremy because he doesn’t want to hurt his best friend. Jeremy stayed at the side the whole day, and until they got back home.

Many days, months and years passed, but he still could not forget the things that had happened to them with Sarah. It will remain one of those unforgettable moments of her high school memories. He keeps remembering things about them when he sees and re -reads its letters for him, he sees some pictures of them together, when he hears their theme song again, and most of all, when he -one and listening to sad songs.


Not by Jeremy’s martyrdom to the pains and rejection he received before, but he can say he can’t really forget everything of the past. He is still not sure if he will be able to face his new love because he is still afraid of being hurt again, and now, he chooses to focus on his studies first.

Maybe, this is one of the painful things that happened to Jeremy before, but he also wanted to thank many people for their friendship and sympathy during his pain. “It’s not easy to move on with things especially when it’s one of the most painful” according to Jeremy, “but life must go on”. Maybe after the writer writes it he’ll realize it’s really hard to forget, but he’ll insist again.

The writer is sure that he will also recover because the person who wrote it is the person referred to in the story, which is Jeremy.

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