It’s not unknown that sometimes uttering the word YES is as hard to decide as riding a Ferris wheel for the first time. It’s like running excitedly toward the ticket booth and instantly feeling anxious because it will be your first time. Then you’re struggling in buying a ticket pass. You may even be considering constantly standing aside and watching the bright smiles, waves of laughter, and even the screams of excitement brought to the people who dare to ride it.

But thinking about how you’d love to experience riding a Ferris wheel and see how it feels reaching the top. You first have to find the courage to say Yes to buying a ticket pass. Then saying Yes again not to waste your ticket pass by fulfilling your task which is to enjoy the ride. Some people may say ” not a big deal”, ” .that’s easy”, etc…

Some will laugh at you but that’s fine. Don’t get discouraged. There’s always someone out there that is also experiencing the same way as yours. Try not to feel upset. Remember that not all people have the same amount of courage. Every person is different.

“How do I learn to say Yes?”

You ask yourself every time you encounter challenges, especially outside your comfort zone. At some point, you will experience change, pain, rejections, and all sorts of negative emotions. On the contrary, you will also encounter happiness, love, and peace. As a human, all those things are given. When change occurs in your life, it is okay to feel afraid but don’t let it consume you.
When things don’t go the way you want them to be, don’t be discouraged.

In short, let things happen. Accept all the changes, pain even disappointments. Don’t force yourself to control the uncontrollable. But don’t forget that you have the full authority on how to handle the situation. Learning to say Yes is still and will always be everybody’s choice. You have a choice to improve yourself. Start learning how to build your courage by encouraging yourself to say Yes to every challenge.

After all, if we don’t dare to say Yes, we cannot have the opportunity to see what will happen afterward. We will be forever in a stagnant calm course of existence. There will be a lesser thrill in your life. So, why not try to learn how to say Yes?

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