Five Simple Rules for day-to-day life.

1. Love

Love is everything one needs. Don’t forget to love yourself all the time. By simply combing your hair even if you stay at home or dressing beautifully even if you go to the grocery store. You need to love yourself even in the simplest possible manner. Once you get used to doing it every day, you will find it easy to do simple things with love!

2. Laugh

Laughter is the perfect remedy. The old saying, but believe me, that really works! Make time for laughter. You don’t have to have somebody to laugh with. If you love spending your time alone if you’re too occupied the whole day, try to have a 20 or 30 minutes break and watch something funny in Netflix or YouTube. You will feel much better after that!

3. Listen

Each day you will encounter different people and having a simple conversation is inevitable. Do your best to listen truthfully not to answer, but rather to try your best to understand. You will find it more fulfilling because these people will feel more confident to talk to you when they need someone to talk to.

4. Eat

Don’t just eat, do everything you can find to eat something healthy. Try to eat more fruits and veggies instead of processed foods.

5. Pray

Yes, always remind yourself to pray. Thank God for the simple blessings that He has generously granted you. In doing so, you will see how blessed you are.

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