Pay It Forward

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Paying it forward does not always mean returning the same favor to the same person to whom you owe a lot. Most people have this mindset that whenever someone does any kind of favor to them, they should do the same later or in the near future. Well yes, that’s not wrong. That’s actually the proper thing to do. To return the favor. Simple proof that you acknowledge the deeds. But sometimes people say that there’s a lot of ways on how to pay it forward.

Simple or gallant gestures always have the same impact once you do it sincerely and wholeheartedly.

You don’t have to pressure yourself to return any favor because usually, the person who voluntarily helps you in times of your hardships or difficulties is not actually expecting you to do the same. They will feel happy enough to extend their help. But there are some people that think differently. We cannot deny it. They tend to feel that somehow when they do any sort of favor for anybody, they will eventually receive any kind of reward.

Like for example within the family members, at some point, you will need their help and support. So you have to think now what you can probably do in return for them, right? Well, there are a lot of ways that you can do it. By simply cooking their favorite meal or snacks, cleaning the house, or even by simply watering their precious plants!

They will really appreciate that especially if you are not actually doing all those things naturally. They will find it refreshing in the eyes to see how you start to think mature and value their actions. They can see that you are trying your best because you appreciate them. You appreciate their simple or big acts of doing you a favor. And you, trying to pay it forward. Remember that as long as your intentions are pure, you do practice this simple yet wonderful principle in life.

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