BY: Austin Lucius


Most young people today don’t take courtship seriously as long as they’re being framed in the moment, with them everywhere. It’s fine with them; these girls accepted to be courted because they seemed to be handsome and stunning. Doesn’t that sound hilarious? It’s as if the adolescents were having fun.

How does a man meet a woman he love?

Austin Lucius’s and Hannah’s Narrative.

Austin Lucius has no idea what to do,  to get a BIG YES from Hannah.

Nowadays, social media is so common that anybody can engage with one another. Many people are deceived, only some of them succeed. But Austin Lucius and Hannah’s story is distinct, or maybe the same as yours.

They first met at a local school. A normal student who ignores one another. Their entire college experience ended without proper communication; in other words, after college, they went in their separate ways, going away from their provinces and aiming for good life fortune abroad.

And it was brought up that they had spoken again because of social media. In other words, they chat while reminiscing about the past. Yet they have a peculiar feeling about each other at the start of their conversation. On that day, the two have never stopped talking. Austin Lucius didn’t delay and he was certain about his feelings. Austin Lucius said this.

I’m looking for a wife, not just a Girlfriend. “Would you be my wife?” Austin Lucius approaches Hannah and asks her a question. A straightforward, sincere statement with no sarcasm or deception. And for a while, the two didn’t say anything. Hannah was probably astounded. Who wouldn’t be astonished by such a question? 

With a brief pause, the two said their goodbyes. And it was a very late night. Lucius has yet to receive a response. “I’ll wait until you’re ready,” Austin Lucius said, and wished him a good night.

Hannah had not responded by the morning, throughout the passing time. Then, when Austin Lucius was at work, his phone rang. Austin Lucius immediately answered the phone and exited the office for a short rest. Maybe Hannah will answer him. That time, the two talked for a bit. Hannah made a comment. “I will,” Hannah says, and Austin Lucius was taken by surprise as he addressed himself to Hanna.

Pardon me Hannah? Austin Lucius said;

I said, I will and I love you. Hannah replied;

Austin Lucius stayed quiet as he awaited Hannah’s answer. Austin Lucius burst out crying. Finally, prayers received responses. So it was at this point that the two began sharing sweet greetings…

“I Love You Hannah”

“I Love You Too Austin”

Only true men, like Austin Lucius, would suffice. Directly asking a Lady as his wife.

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