The Mommy And Baby Cats

Two days ago, my cat gave birth to two beautiful kittens. She gave birth outside our house because it happened that our door was locked and she’s outside. Upon seeing the newly born kittens, my mom gave them a piece of cloth to lay down and keep them warm. We wanted to carry and put them inside the house but we hesitate to touch them because their mom might react differently upon giving birth. So we decided to let them there in the meantime. But we have to make sure that they can stay warm outside and safe in case of rain.

My mom got this brilliant idea. She created their temporary shelter out of a used basket and covered it with a soft towel. She put the basket right beside them hoping the mother cat will transfer her babies into the basket. Then we build a makeshift so they are also safe from the cold wind especially at night and early morning. It’s so cute to see when after a while the mother cat painstakingly carries her baby into the basket. It is amazing how she carefully bite the kitten without hurting it. Well, she’s the mom of course she knows exactly what to do, right?

This morning I saw these two cute tiny kittens cuddling each other, and I was so amazed because they are covered with some dried leaves! They look so cute, with dry leaves as their blanket. I couldn’t believe that their mother did that. We had a light rain shower this morning and I was totally in awe upon seeing the kittens covered by those dried leaves perfectly.

I wanted to take some photos of them but my mom told me that it is not a good idea. Maybe wait after the kittens are starting to walk. I don’t know but she has this superstitious belief that it is not good to disturb any newborn animals, something like that. Well, there’s nothing wrong if I listen right? For now, all I can do is to take care of them and be content by just looking at them. Soon I will definitely take photos of them. That’s for sure.

Looking quietly at these sleeping kittens while their mother is just beside them, awake and alert if something or someone is going to disturb her babies is enough to make me happy. This made me realize how precious we are and all the living creatures in this world. If these kittens are being cared for and protected by the Highest, know that we are all precious too. So celebrate your own life, embrace your own pace wherever you are in your life each day. Bear in mind how precious we are, and your existence matters so much!

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