3 Basic Reasons Why I Wanted To Grow My Own Veggies

A couple of days have passed and I am so happy to see the seeds starting to germinate. As I was watering them, I understood that I should be more gentle as I thought I should be. You shouldn’t simply water them with just water and your hand. As a beginner in gardening without complete tools, it is an exciting experience to have to think about how to water them without letting the seeds drown in the water. Since the seeds just barely start to germinate, I have to use a small spray bottle so that the water won’t disturb the seeds that much. While I was tending my baby seeds, my neighbor saw me and asked what seeds are those and why I suddenly got interested in growing some vegetables. I just smiled at her and told her that I just wanna try if I have a green hand and that I would be able to grow those seeds. Even after our short conversation, her question stays in my mind. Then I also asked myself. What actually are my reasons why I wanted to grow my own veggies? Well, as I mentioned in my “Seeds of Hope”, I wanted to be more connected with the food I am going to eat. But aside from that fact, there should be more reasons, right? So, I come up with these additional 3 basic reasons why I want to grow my own veggies.


Yes. I think that is my first reason- to stay active. Since I am at home most of the time, I wanted to stay more active so that I could not just sit on the chair most of the day, do some light house chores, reading books, etc. I thought of planting and taking care of the veggies as my new additional day-to-day routine. And would it be nice to stay outside and get some fresh air and sunlight? Doesn’t it sound refreshing?


Even though almost all vegetables are available in the supermarket, we still can’t assure if those vegetables are grown organic. We all know that synthetic fertilizers are used in gardening but who doesn’t want to choose organically grown veggies, right? Even though there are veggies labeled as organic, honestly, I am not totally convinced. So I think that by growing my own veggies, I could be healthier because I won’t use any fertilizers aside from the dried leaves.


Who wouldn’t want to save extra money? All of us want to save more money. We notice that all the basic necessities are getting more expensive. Even one of my favorite veggies that can be bought for only a dollar before, now I couldn’t have the heart to buy it as it triples its price! It’s depressing to see how the prices suddenly skyrocketed since the covid-19 has started. So I think, learning and starting to grow your own veggies is a practical and brilliant idea.

I really admire our farmers, gardener for having a green thumb as they say. They can do magic in growing any plants or vegetables. I simply wanted to be like them, at least even a little. I’m dreaming of having my own garden too, full of plants and vegetables. I hope that my seeds of hope will successfully grow sooner.

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