My Daily Mission

Do you have a life mission? I’m guessing there’s a lot. If so, what exactly are they? Do you mind if you share it with us?

It could be a huge mission or just a few small ones. They claim that having a certain ‘mission’ in life makes us more functional on a regular basis. And fulfilling the said ‘mission’ in life would always inspire us to carry on our life’s path despite the many bumps along the way. It will assist us in pursuing our objectives and going forward. To have an eye for the mission and the need to achieve triumph at the finish line. When it comes to life’s goal, everybody has a different perspective. Some could suggest “a mission to buy a house and lot before my 30th birthday.

” It may be “a quest to become financially secure before getting married.” Or “a mission to luxuriously wander around the globe someday.”

A few days ago, I had an unplanned informal and enjoyable interview with my cousins and relatives. I asked, “How do you define the word “mission”? Do you have certain mission in your life? If yes, tell us at least one of your missions.” They wouldn’t respond properly at first because it was so profound, as they claim. But after a few minutes of sharing thoughts and opinions, we began to feel more at ease with the subject and began the conversation with more depth and seriousness. One of my friends immediately considered making it her goal to have a successful career after college.

Another stated that his mission is to save money so that he can purchase a vehicle for his father as soon as possible. My cousin said that her life’s goal is to become a millionaire. She mentioned that she was speaking in general. She wanted a large amount of money so that she could do as she desired in the future. It’s as simple as that, she claims. And we were all laughing! Ok, she was practically and realistically stating a fact, wasn’t she? I’m not suggesting or agreeing she was right or wrong. It was her point of view, and I accepted her answer as much as respected it. For her, this is the ultimate goal. It’s up to you guys if you agree with her and do the same mission as well. Every person has the freedom to decide what is best for themselves.

They all asked me the same question after they finished speaking. They’re asking if I still have a life mission. They knew me as a laid-back person, and they didn’t easily trust me when I said I might be serious as well. I am the kind of person who can quickly adjust to any situation. Unless of course, except in a bad neighborhood. What I mean is that I could live in a very simple and traditional way. Knowing my cousins and several of my friends whom living in the city all their life, I doubt they’d be able to spend the night anywhere without electricity. I doubt they would take a bath without a hot shower.

So, when they ask me the question, they are looking at me with interest and impatience, waiting for my answer. Before directly addressing the question, I purposely chew the cookies in my mouth very slowly and sipped my lemonade steadily. My cousin playfully snatched my glass of lemonade from me and demanded a response. Then, in hushed tones, I said My every day ‘mission’ is to be happy. Every day, I’m on a mission to put a pure and sincere smile on my face They both broke out laughing. It lasted for several minutes because they couldn’t comprehend how I responded. They mocked me, calling me a weirdo and suggesting that I live in a temple or on an isolated island. It was a good day with them. That was how we usually hang out and got to know each other even more. Much of the time, we can talk about it and be honest with our feelings and unfiltered craziness.

When I was finally alone in my home, I realized that most people’s mission is to get anything material. Their mission is to obtain everything, to purchase everything, to own anything, and so on. Few people discussed trying to have inner peace as part of their mission. Like my grandmother, simply desired to live in the countryside in peace and happiness. Living there is the most satisfying experience she has ever had. She had always wanted to live in the countryside rather than in the capital. And I will always be there for her. All that really matters is that she is happy. I’m praying that this pandemic will end soonest so that we could freely travel back to the countryside. Let’s all pray for the world to heal. Yes! What if let’s all together include “praying for the world to heal” in our daily mission. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a daily mission not only for ourselves but for all the living creatures in this planet? The most meaningful mission we could ever have went unnoticed by a lot of folks.

Most of the time, we actually have a tendency to think more about the material stuff this world can offer. I am aware that it is not wrong. It is normal to fantasize about getting all those fancy stuff around us, but we must prioritize what is most important. Pay close attention to what will sustain us with a long-term sense of contentment. It is important to handle yourself like a queen or king on a regular basis.

Every day, make yourself proud. There are several approaches you might take. What you have to do is figure things out for yourself. Remember that tomorrow is never a certainty. You just have one day left. Today is the one and only opportunity to make yourself proud.

My daily mission: A smile.

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