Power Of Smile

What is the power of smiling? How often do you smile?

“There is no magic, granny!” “You still look the same!” Every time I remember those moments, I can’t help myself from giggling. My granny will just laugh at me every time I try to argue with her and defend my thoughts. Well, those are some of the precious moments that I will cherish forever.

Okay, let’s go back to our topic for today. Let me ask you again. Do you smile every day? The majority of us will say yes but there is someone out there that doesn’t know how to smile. For some reason, they forgot how to smile. Some find it hard to smile. We never know. But one thing is for sure, there is definitely someone right now that never smiles for ages. So, maybe we could help them, encourage them to try to smile again. To learn how to make themselves excited to smile again. But how? Hmmm, let’s brainstorm then later you can share your thoughts.

Just drop it at the comment section down below, okay. Everyone is welcome. Let’s remind each other that smiling generates more positive emotions. Meaning every time you choose to smile, you could be happier. But make sure you have to smile sincerely so it could generate other positive emotions. If you fake your smile, you could only make yourself feel worse. So you better smile from within.

There are many reasons that could make you smile. If you are living with your family, try to communicate with them more often. Have a good chat with them. Spending time with children. Talk and play with them. You will feel happier when you’re around with children. If you are staying all alone, try to get a pet. Playing with your pets will make you feel relaxed and you will find yourself smiling whenever you cuddle them. There are many ways for you to be able to smile. Look at the mirror and see how handsome you are. Then practice how to smile and see the difference. Smile more. People like people who love to smile.

They like to be around happy people because their good vibes are contagious. So try to smile more to make new friends easily. But don’t forget to choose who you will give your smile to. Don’t simply smile at the strangers. They could get the wrong impression. Give your smile more often to those people who you think cares about you, like your family and friends. Again, don’t hesitate to smile because it is free and magical. Smiling will make your day brighter too. So, smile more!

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