10 Lucky Guides to Live In Peace.

Live in peace, and you’ll be happy.

“Living in peace” seems like an easy thing to do but most of us fail to really achieve the essence of living in peace. Many of us had tried to live in peace but at some point, we got lost and find it hard to try to get back on track again. So, the question now is, ‘Do you still want to try living in peace?’. I suppose your answer would be a huge ‘yes’. Well, who would not want to live in peace by the way? We all know that nobody wants to have a life full of stress, chaos, dramas, you name it. Am I right?

We have here the basic and necessary reminders that can help you for achieving a life with peace.

• Live in the moment.

Stop thinking about the past and don’t be too paranoid thinking about the future. Enjoy the present. There’s a lot to be celebrated. Create good memories and focus on today.

• Be kind.

There are many ways to show your kindness. But first, you have to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself better so you will know how to be kind to others.

• Seek Love.

Loving oneself is a must but it is also healthy for our soul if we let ourselves be open for love from the people around us, especially the love from our family. Only seek “pure and sincere” love.

• Seek Forgiveness.

If you knew you had offended someone, don’t hesitate to ask for forgiveness. Do it now.

• Be contented.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong to dream for more and a much better life. But not to the point that you become grumpy, moody, always stressed, and unhappy person. Don’t let yourself forget how to appreciate the present. You are blessed enough. Be contented if you are driving an old model car because there are many people out there who can’t afford to buy even the cheapest car.

• Live simply.

Try to have a minimalist lifestyle. If you used to always follow the trends, try to stop yourself from that lifestyle. If you only give yourself enough time to analyze the world, you don’t actually need all those material things. Learn to simplify the things inside your room, then your house and after that, you could slowly learn how to simplify your day-to-day routine. You’ll find it satisfying if you finally see the real meaning of living a simple lifestyle.

• Avoid petty fights or arguments.

It is very essential if you want to live in peace. As much as possible, avoid any arguments. Think multiple times if it is really worth it to spit out a word. If not, don’t waste your energy and time. Take a deep breath and ignore them. Walk away if possible.

• Choose your friends well.

Choosing friends has a very huge role in having a peaceful life. Technically, if you do have a group of friends who are positive thinkers, productive individuals, has healthy habits, spiritually-driven, goal seekers, they would definitely influence you to have a positive outlook in life. They are the right people you should hang out with.

• Disconnect yourself from toxic people.

It is easy to distance yourself from your toxic officemates, friends, or classmates but it is a different story if the people involved are within your reach. It is way harder if they are your family. But you have to disconnect yourself somehow if you want to live in peace. So the only solution is you need to move out. But before you decide, it is a must to consider the consequences. If you can sustain yourself living alone, go ahead, but if not, think again.

• Don’t be afraid to try something new.

The world is big so why not try to step outside and see what the world has to offer. If you want to live in peace, be brave enough to let go of the things that make your life difficult. If you are not enjoying your city life, try to move to the countryside. You can’t go wrong choosing to have a break from your current life and try to live a different way.

So, that’s it! Those are the lucky 10 guides that you should always bear in mind if you want to live in peace. Always remember that peace always begins from within. So you should be mindful of your actions. Do it little by little. Always evaluate yourself and see if you are doing a great job or if you have to be more focused and motivated on achieving to live a peaceful life.

And the most important thing is you should always accept and love yourself better. By doing so, everything will be possible.
How about you? Do you consider yourself already living in peace? If yes, what are the things that you can share with us so we could also successfully live in peace?

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