A Glimpse of the future

A Short Story by: Lucius

Since Robs’ brother slept very well the night before, he awoke at midday. When he awoke, he heard the children laughing. But he just ignored it, thinking he was still dreaming. His mother is calling because it is afternoon and he hasn’t had breakfast yet.

Come here and eat first, son.” Mother Arceli said.”

Robs’ younger brother hurriedly washed up to eat. When he was hungry because it was noon and he didn’t want to eat breakfast, he didn’t realize that he had eaten so much that his mother’s meal was almost gone.

You have the energy to eat now, son, and you’re almost out of food.” Mother Arceli said. “

He just nodded at his mother and continued to eat until someone rushed in and called his older brother.

Brother Robs? Knock knock. “Stranger Calling”

His older brother spoke up. Who are they?.. Robs hurried out the door, went to the balcony, and spoke to others who were searching for him.

Is that you, Doy? I didn’t even recognize you.” Robs responded”

When Robs’ brother was eating, he glanced at the two of them, as if he wanted to meet them, because he was new to the area and didn’t know anything about it. Until the two’s finished conversation and Robs returned inside the house.

Who is that Robs? “Mother Arceli asked”

Our neighbor Mr. Doy, Mom; he was looking for his grandfather who didn’t come home yesterday. “Robs replied.”

Robs’s brother is observing as they discuss to his mother. During his dream, grandfather instantly crossed his mind then he joined his older brother’s conversation.

Mom and brother, I had a dream last night before you moved me out of bed, so I’m weak and don’t say anything.

What is your dream son. “Mother Arceli asked”

Last night was lovely, and my dream was terrifying, mother; I was going up the high mountain alone with my brother’s dog. It’s doesn’t leave me behind wherever I go. Until, I saw a small building, breathed the air there, and saw that we had gone by a magical castle. Since it was so bright there, all I can do is watch. And I was startled when an old man appeared out of the dense in my brother’s farm. I even spoke with him, but his story was cut short when you carry me to bed.

Robs was shocked because they didn’t have the pet dog which his younger brother had mentioned. What disturbed him even more was the existence of a small resting place for travelers in his brother’s dream. Most especially, the younger brother has never been there before, and this is his first visit to the area.

Mother Arceli and Robs just looked each other, because of the story of younger brother.

Mom, do you think what I’m thinking? “Robs said”

Yes son, you better check the area. “Mother Arceli repplied.”

Robs immediately left the house and headed to Doy’s.

Robs’ younger brother was taken aback when his mother unexpectedly hugged him as if they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. He’s not sure what happened; he’s just telling his dreams. He asks her mother, but doesn’t say anything, and her mom just crying while hugging him tightly.

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