We are all shaped by our experiences and internalized more with the progression of time. But one thing we should never forget would be the moments when we are still learning. School serves as a second home for each one of us, and our teachers act as second parents. High school life is one of the most unforgettable moment we’ve ever had; it shapes us effectively.

This is also where our abilities were first tested, because high school has a larger population of students from different primary and secondary schools. Before the early time we used to compete in contests in primary school, but things might change when we get to high school. We might be studying together at time, and we’ll be able to test the teamwork rather than rivalry. There are still instances when we have internal contests, but it just serves as a check and balance to discover the best among the rest. In preparation for the next level of the competition which is in between high school.

This is the point at which we have sharpened our talents in a wide variety of fields. We were made to write an essay on our goal, if we recall. Perhaps as we write this, we are certain what we want in life, but others are unsure because they are comfortable in their lives. Perhaps their parents are successful enough to support them.

Some of the phrases we will never forget are: I want to be a teacher, engineer, architect, seaman, flight attendant, artist, nurse, pilot, politician, and so on. There are some business-minded students who have the backing of their parents, so they start a small business “modest firm”. Other were succeeded in their goals, while some were unlucky or became the consequence of their ambitions.

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