AutoCAD Lesson 102 – Drawing Commands

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In order to create fabulous and amazing drawings/design.

AutoCAD drawing commands come in action.
The Draw commands can be used to create new objects such as lines and circles.
Most AutoCAD drawings are composed purely and simply from these basic components.
Draw commands is fundamental to the efficient use of AutoCAD.

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A / ARCCreate an arc
AREAFind the area of closed or open shapes in a drawing
AR / ARRAYMake a rectangle, polar or path array
B / BLOCKCreate a block
BCOUNT / BLOCK COUNTCount the number of blocks in your drawing
C / CIRCLECreate a circle
L / LINECreate a simple line
PL / PLINEMake a polyline
PO / POINTCreate a single point within a drawing
POL / POLYGONProduce a polygon (you select the number of sides, from 3 to 1024)
REC / RECTANGLECreate a rectangle
EL / ELLIPSECreate a ellipse
MLINE / MULTI LINECreate multiple parallel lines
XLINE (XL) / CONSTRUCTION LINECreate a construction line, extend both opposite direction
SKETCHCreates a sketch
And more commands to be added in the advanced lesson…


If you have finished watching video posted above, we tackled the different drawing commands. By hovering each icon we see the name of the commands and their function or usage. Also listed above are some basic commands with shortcut keys or aliases and each description.

Remember this is still an introduction discussion we will dig deep into each command when we are starting the lesson for actual drawing.

Our next lesson will be all about modifying Commands.
What are the modifying commands in AutoCAD?