Salary Versus Output

Most companies compromise the salary rate, and most people will accept offers even if the pay is too low since they need a job and because it is difficult to get work, when they do get one, they take it quickly, even though they are not yet trained, because it is believed that they will learn it later. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the employees are skilled, but they give a terrible rate. This creates a drop in accomplishments since they believe their pay is extremely poor. In the first few days, weeks, months or years their work performance may be good but after a while we will see a drop in their output.

Some company will hire people with remarkable qualifications. Such as individuals who attended a prestigious institution and managed to graduate. Discrimination seen in this style. Even if they don’t know much about the line of work, it’s easy to be employed just because of their school origin is well-known.

It is impossible to anticipate positive outcomes from their labor when this is the case. Let’s not make sacrifices just to save money for the firm; rather, we should examine the long-term impact of every recruitment choice we make, since as the saying goes, “Your people are the success of the company, therefore invest in your staff.”

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