Good day everyone! How are you today? I hope you’re doing just fine. I decided that today is going to be a lovely day! Simply because I feel like I’m full of energy after eating everything on my plate.

Today’s breakfast was extra special because my dear granny is the one who cooked and prepared it. Yes! She’s here today. She successfully surprised me. I’ve never seen her for almost five or six-year. Well, sorry guys. Please bear with me this time. I’m just feeling super happy that I want to share with you the good vibes.

Having my granny here today makes me really happy. A while ago, as I was helping my mom in the kitchen, I ask her if she knew that granny is coming today. She just smiled at me. That’s her proud-and-playful-look reaction whenever she successfully hid a surprise for me.

As I am watching my granny drinking her tea while reading a newspaper on the balcony, there’s a sudden pain in my chest that strikes me out of nowhere. She is not getting younger anymore. She is not the lively and jolly granny anymore that used to play with me in the park. She is not the energetic granny that used to teach me how to ride a bicycle. I doubt if she could still run side by side with me again every Sunday morning along the seashore. Then we will directly go to the market right after our morning exercise. Buy some vegetables and freshly catch fish. Of course, she will absolutely buy the large size freshly baked apple pie. That’s our favorite food to buy in the market. Then on the way back, we will drop by at the coffee shop to pick up her pre-ordered sugar-free coffee and a box of assorted cookies.

I miss those times when I’m still living with her. All the happy memories are safely kept at the back of my brain. You may be asking me why at the back? Well, I had this kind of thinking before that if I will be facing difficulties in the future, I won’t be afraid to look back if necessary and find courage in there. I feel safe every time I think that there’s a magical place at the back of my mind that would give me strength and make me stronger to turn around again and continue with my life. My memories with my granny are and will always be my number one source of strength and courage. Don’t get me, wrong guys. I love my mom too. I really do. And she knows that. But she knows also that I love my granny more.

Today I will make sure to have a lovely, meaningful, and memorable day with mom and granny. Time is so precious. Let’s create more memories with our loved ones. Put down your phone for a while and have a good chat with your siblings, cousins, parents, or grandparents. Spent quality time with them. Try investing most of your time creating more precious memories because tomorrow is never promised. Good luck guys!

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