AutoCAD Lesson 103 – Modifying Commands

After we watched and learn from previous lesson 102.

Now it’s time to play around with the properties and tweak your designs where necessary. In these stage, the following commands like copy, paste, mirror, etc.. will come into action.

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MOCOROMove, copy, rotate and scale an object in one command
COPYBASECopy an object according to a base point
CHA / CHAMFERAdd slanted edges to sharp corners of objects
F / FILLETAdd rounded corners to the sharp edges of objects
BREAKCreate a break (or gaps) in objects at one or two points
BURSTExplode a block but retain its attribute settings and layer definition
SC / SCALEChange the scale of an object
TR / TRIMTrim a shape or line
X / EXPLODEBreak up an object into its individual components i.e., a polyline into simple lines
RO / ROTATERotate an object
CO/CP/COPYCopy object
S / STRETCHStretches an object
AR / ARRAYCreate multiple copy of object in an instant
EX / EXTENDExtend object to meet the edges of other objects
E / ERASEErase an object of delete


If you have finished watching video posted above, we tackled brief overview of modifying commands. By hovering each icon we see the name of the commands and their function or usage. Also listed above are some basic commands with shortcut keys or aliases and each description.

Remember this is still an introduction discussion we will dig deep into each command when we are starting the lesson for actual drawing.

Our next lesson will be all about Annotation Commands.
What are the annotation commands in AutoCAD?

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