AutoCAD Lesson 104 – Annotation Commands

After we watched and learn from previous lesson 103.

Let’s take a look these next Topic.

Annotations can also help CAD drafters keep track of all the important information a plain image can not express in a project. In AutoCAD, a few of the many ways to Annotate a draft are to use DIMENSIONS pallet tools and the TEXT pallet tools. Those will help you put written information on your design making it easier to vision and to elucidate.

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MT, MTEXT / MULTILINE TEXT You can create paragraph, multi-line text
T/TEXTYou can create single-line text
DLI/DIMENSION LINEARCreate a Linear dimension
DAL/DIMENSION ALIGNEDCreate an aligned dimension
DAN / DIMENSION ANGULARCreate an angular dimension
DAR / DIMENSION ARC LENGTHCreate an arc length dimension
DRA / DIMENSION RADIUSCreate a radius dimension for a circle or an arc
DDI / DIMENSION DIAMETERCreate a diameter dimension for a circle or an arc
DIMORD / DIMENSION ORDINATECreates ordinate dimension.
DIMJOGGED / DIMENSION JOGGEDCreate a jogged dimension for a circle or an arc
MLEADER / LEADERCreate a multi-leader object
MLEADER / LEADERCreate a multi-leader object


If you have finished watching video posted above, we tackled brief overview of annotation commands. By hovering each icon we see the name of the commands and their function or usage. Also listed above are some basic commands with shortcut keys or aliases and each description.

“Note: Basics topic, but always keep in mind that mastery of this basics will lead us into advance.“

Our next lesson will be all about let’s getting started!!!
AutoCAD Lesson 105. – Let’s Getting Started

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