When you hear anyone claiming they live luxuriously, the first thing that comes to mind is their financial situation. They do have a lot of money to spend on whatever they want. They have so much money that they don’t even care how much anything would cost them. You may also believe that those who claim to live in luxury are overly blessed and lucky.

You may secretly wish to live in luxury as well. People have a tendency to jump for conclusions when they are aware of something, even when they do not have all of the facts. And some people begin to feel insecure, and they hate the thought of being less fortunate than others.

Unfortunately, based on my own observations, these things are true. I recall how my friend responded as she asked how my life was going and I responded by telling her that I was living luxury. “Wow! How I wish I could live like you,” “I’m stuck in hell,” “Not enough to cover our monthly bills,” and so much more. She says right away.

I found how quickly she judged and lamented about her present life condition and how unfortunate she felt. She never stops chatting and moaning about her life, job, family problems, and a lot of other topics. I was taken aback by her quick reactions. It was clear that she was struggling with everything around her. I wasn’t expecting her to respond in that manner because she is a professional woman.

She works for a well-known company in our town and has a high position there, so I was surprised she was really frustrated at the moment. So I tried to console her by telling her that I was just kidding about living luxuriously. It’s absurd that she won’t believe me! As a result, I felt bad and sad for her.

Then I slowly explained to her what I meant by luxurious living. I’m not sure if she listened to me, but I tried to open her mind and wanted her to consider my view about luxurious living. I even told her that I’ve been unemployed for many years. I needed her to be happy, so I did my best to see her advantage over mine. She has a job, while I am unemployed. She has a motorcycle and two latest model of BMW car while  I do not own any of those except my second- hand bicycle. I used it for my morning exercise and if I need to rush going to the nearby market for my fresh fruits and vegetables. She lives in a fancy apartment, while I live in a small home.

As a result, she begins to relax. She said that life is difficult. I asked her why, but all she did was chuckle. Following our long chat, I sent her an email in the hope that she’d be fine. I understand that it is often difficult for people to appreciate what they have. Was it human nature to always desire more? That is typically the key explanation why certain people fail to find true happiness and contentment in life. Perhaps they unconsciously fail to enjoy the little things in life.

Let’s be frank: once we were just starting out during our professions, only the most meaningless details were relevant to us. We learned how to embrace all tasks delegated to us, including those which were not specifically listed in our job descriptions, yet something we would gladly complete because we cared for our jobs. We learned how to be gracious so quickly back then; how to value the minimum wage without complaining; and how to be patient. It’s disappointing to see people nowadays complaining too quickly about their lives.

They’ve almost forgotten how they got started. The toxic culture has already defeated them. It’s a shame that only certain people get better as they achieve success in life. Most of the people I knew, their attitude and behavior changes as they become more successful. They tend to become a stranger. And I don’t like people who forgets how to become humble and grounded. I salute those successful people who knows how to stay grateful, humble and simple in spite of their success. I only hope we don’t let a toxic environment completely destroy our inner peace and happiness.

Overall, I hope they realize what it means to live a life of luxury. Living luxuriously doesn’t really always imply having lots of wealth. It has a deeper significance. What you have to do is figure it out for yourself. Why not try to look at it from a different perspective? And, after all of your consideration, you may come to a realization. And you might be amazed to discover that you are also living a life of luxury! True! Luxury doesn’t really always have to be financial. Have it in mind all of the time. If we just open our eyes, we can claim that true luxury is found in those who live comfortably, peacefully, happily, and healthily.

If you are happy with your life, consider yourself to be living in luxury. You don’t have to have any of the expensive materials to deem yourself to be living luxuriously. Actually, what we just need are the simplest things in life. As long as we are open to learn how to simplify everything, nothing is impossible. We could always find ways how to maximize whatever is already available in our house and our lives. Learn the art of simplifying and maximizing all tiny little things. You will be amazed once you already master doing that technique in life.

Start evaluating your life and learning to live clearly. Appreciate what you have now and be thankful for all of your blessings. Don’t forget that living a good lifestyle and having a healthy body is one way of living luxuriously. Each and everyone of us can live a luxurious life if we really want to. We just have to believe and strive harder to achieve it. Everything is possible. We simply just need to be more creative to figure out how to live a luxurious lifestyle in our own unique way.

  1. ashok says:

    Interesting 🤨
    You may like to read my book- 4 Pillars of Abundant Life
    Money has no energy of its own. It is inert. It picks up our energy. If we are the happy kinds more money would bring more happiness. If we are unhappy kinds more money would make us unhappier.

    1. SAPPHIRE says:

      Thanks for your words. Appreciate it a lot.

      Would love to read your book btw. Where can I get a copy?

      1. ashok says:

        My pleasure 😊
        It is available on Amazon. 4 Pillars of Abundant Life by Ashok Wahi

      2. SAPPHIRE says:

        Would love to have a hardcopy of your book but I can’t purchase it through amazon. I hope it is available in the bookstores. Best regards to Anita 😊

      3. ashok says:

        Hard copy shipping in India is suspended for a while to accommodate essential goods. God willing it would ease out soon 🙏

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