Cotton candy

Early this morning, I decided to go for a walk a little bit earlier than my usual daily routine. It is a lovely Sunday morning. The calm quietness of the day never fails to soothe my soul. It is now starting to fill the day with sweet songs of the birds coming from the nearby forest.

An hour or two I find myself walking past the riverside. The path leading to the small village. Every Sunday morning you can see a lot of people going to that direction. Even myself I used to go there also. Usually to buy some special goods, herbs, kitchen tools and ingredients. You can definitely find it there.

But there is something in small village that makes it known even from the far country side. The old man selling rainbow cotton candy. Seems ordinary but there’s something in it that makes it super delicious and at the same time it is known as traditional medicines especially made for the children. Even the adults are buying cotton candies for themselves.

People from the neighboring villages will go there when they can hardly find some things within their community. They tend to visit the small village almost every sunday. People used to go there since the small village only open their village to the outsiders only that day. For some reasons I find that village mysterious. But I can tell that all, yes ALL, are extra kind people. You can’t encounter any unfriendly person. Every person you meet will definitely smile at you, offer you some drinks or snacks, invite you to join them playing chesss.

Meanwhile I’m almost reaching our house. The sun is now waking up from the distance. Ready to say hello to the world again. Looking up at the sky always makes me mesmerized. Every day the color is different. The clouds have irregular shapes that changes every five or ten seconds. Sometimes I’m imagining things, animals, flowers forming through the clouds.

Before I even to open the door, my son Gullo manage to open it for me. “Daddy! What takes you so long?” he asked. Looking at his eyes I know that he’s done with his breakfast for some time already and patiently waiting for me to come back. He knows that today is Sunday. And as usual, he will insist to accompany me going to the small village. Gullo always looking forward for Sunday’s to come. Why? For one reason, he will buy his all time favorite cotton candy.

On the way to the small village Gullo and I likes to sing any sorts of country songs. Even if he’s only a four year old boy, I can tell that he’s some what mature. He talks and act as if he is much older from his age. But he is respectful, kind and obedient son. He knows his limitations even at a very young age.

Meanwhile, we are now approaching the small shop selling the cotton candy. It is located at the middle of the crowded market in the small village. There’s people everywhere. Busy merchants selling their goods, veggies, tools, herbs, etc. There’s a long queue at the cotton candy shop. Gullo patiently waiting for his turn.

“Good morning dear Gullo.” said the vendor. He looks older than a week ago. “Hello, Mr. Cotton! I’m happy to see you again!” said my cheeky son. Gullo love’s to call him Mr. Cotton candy even if the old man asks to address him as “granny joe” since he is now an old man. But according to Gullo, granny joe is not an old man. For him, the name Mr. Cotton really suites him. Just like the white and soft cotton ball, Mr. Cotton is a soft-hearted person. His calming voice is like an angel. Cheerful, kind, and friendly. And above all, he is like the cotton candies he makes every Sunday. Soft, colorful, healthy, yummy cotton candies.

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