Estimate Like a Pro

In many cases, the customer requires a quick response. For example, they may need an estimate from you within a specific time frame in order to get budget with the owner. How will you deal with it?

Price Quotation Request Letter From Surprise Client

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you will be fine and doing good. As per our phone conversation regarding additional furniture’s, I am writing to request quotations for the following.

  1. Project Type: Additional Bedside Table
  2. Quantity: 100units
  3. Table Size: 600mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 600mm(H)

Please reply with your detailed proposal for this project with prices and total cost.

Key Points Before starting your estimation

Make a quick sketch of the table to establish the items and materials you’ll need to prepare to include in your estimate.

Detailed Estimates – Resource Summary

If requested, provide your quotation with supporting files such as a plan and pre-qualification documents. They may request your organization profile only to confirm your competence to complete the work.

The Production and Cut List

If your quotations were accepted and signed by the customer, you may go on to the next and final phase, which is the manufacturing of the purchased units as detailed in the quotes.

See example cut list:

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