Fall in love with Cucumbers!

Do you like eating cucumbers?

How do you like to eat or prepare the cucumbers?

When I was a kid I asked my granny if the cucumber is a fruit or a vegetable. She would laugh at me and starts to tease me that she’s going to inform my teacher that I don’t know if the cucumber belongs to the group of fruits or in the vegetable group. Before, I didn’t like eating cucumbers at all. Don’t know why but I just don’t like the taste of it. But my granny would always include cucumbers on her lists whenever we went to the market.

One day, she asked me to peel some cucumbers for our mid-day snacks. I instantly make a face. As expected she scolded me but with a smiley face, telling me that I should eat cucumbers.

My granny would always say, “Come on! Make friends with the cucumbers! You’ll gonna fall in love eating cucumbers!”. That’s her favorite line when she’s teasing me and encouraging me to eat cucumbers at the same time. I told her that I really don’t like it but she insisted. So I end up preparing the cucumbers. I washed it, peel it and cut it into bite sizes. Then she approached me in the kitchen, took the cucumbers from me, and asked me to bring some lemons. So I did what she asked me to do. I sat on the chair opposite her. She gets the blender and put the cucumbers on it then adding the lemon juices.

While she’s working with the blender, she told me that I will fall in love with cucumbers. That I will absolutely stop hating cucumbers. So after a few minutes, the cucumber was now ready and she poured it into the glass then added some ice cubes. She gave it to me and asked me to have a taste. At first, I hesitated, told her that I felt like I wanted to puke. She laughed again and instructed me to close my eyes. So I did. I closed my eyes and I felt the straw touch my lips. She asked me to imagine that I was going to drink my favorite chocolate-strawberry smoothie. Knowing my granny, she will not be allowed me to leave the kitchen without tasting her cucumber juice! So I really tried my best to imagine that it was not a cucumber! But in my head, I could picture the bowl of cucumbers that my granny used to eat every day when we were in the garden. At the same time, I’m trying to convince myself that I really had to do it. There’s no way out. I had to taste it. So I took a sip. At first, I told my granny that I didn’t taste anything. So I tried it again, and voila! It tasted as if it’s not the taste of cucumber that I imagined and not the same taste of the cucumber that I tried before! I was a kid at that time so I feel like I was a dumb kid for not appreciating the cucumbers.

I love the way my granny prepared the cucumbers. I liked it most when she made cucumber juices with lemon. Then sometimes she would make cucumber salad. I just don’t like eating it as it is like a ‘wash it-peel it-eat it’s way of eating. When I started to like eating cucumbers, my granny told me some of the importance of eating cucumbers. Of course, as a kid, I was always listening to my granny. She loves to educate me about everything in ways that I find interesting. Well, I could say that her style of teaching was effective because until now I could remember her words. The first thing she told me is that eating cucumbers provides bright and glowing skin. So if I want to have a glowing complexion just like my granny, I should fall in love with cucumbers! Another thing is that eating cucumbers is beneficial for our hair. Eating cucumbers makes our hair stronger and healthier.

I remember listening to her intently that time. While she’s telling me all those things, I was actually touching my hair and skin. Aside from those simple explanations why I should eat cucumbers, I remember my granny told me that eating cucumbers really help her to reduce her cholesterol and relieves joint pains. She told me that adults should eat cucumbers because of their many benefits. Cucumbers will promote good digestion and also a perfect food to eat for weight loss. So, people should include cucumbers on their shopping lists every time they go to the grocery. Young or adults should fall in love with cucumbers!

How about you? Do you like eating cucumbers?

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