Growing Own Food – Fight Pandemic “Go Organic”

Planting is one of the easiest things to do since there is a pandemic. Because most of us work from home, we have more time to do housework. We used to waste one to three hours on the way to work, but now we can use the time for other things like gardening or planting.

If we look at the market prices of commodities, we can see that they have increased far too much since the pandemic. And if we wanted to, there was nothing we could do. Product delivery has become more challenging as costs have risen. But we can’t blame the vendors. Considering our daily pain, it is important to learn how to cultivate basic vegetables so we can prepare for our families.

Here is a list of agricultural products that we could try growing.


If you already have land where you can grow rice, you are very blessed. It can be harvested in three months and you can prepare your own rice. We can grow veggies in addition to rice.


Most vegetables can be harvested in less than a month. Pechay, cabbage, and sweet potato are examples of vegetables that can be planted and harvested in a short period of time.

Pechay and lettuce

Even if you live in the city and don’t have much room to plant, pechay is one of the best plants to grow. It is possible to plant it using only recycled bottles. In addition, lettuce is the best choice. It does not need a large amount of space. If you don’t have much soil to work with, lettuce is a good option. You can cultivate vegetables in your own home with a hydroponic method. The procedure is easy to follow. “Do some research on the hydroponic system.”

The most significant health advantage of pechay is its high concentration of vitamins and minerals, which aid in maintaining good health by promoting stronger bones and radiant skin. A serving of pechay also includes: Calcium is important for healthy bones.

Sweet potato

I listed sweet potatoes. Sweet potato is one of the simplest to grow. Its leaves can be cooked, which is one of its many advantages. Sweet potato leaves are high in nutrients and can be combined with fried dishes such as fish. Potatoes are fiber-, vitamin-, and mineral-rich starchy root vegetables. They’re also rich in antioxidants, which protect the cells from free radicals and chronic disease.

Planting is the most important thing we should learn especially at such a young age. If we have our own vegetable garden, we will solve a lot of our worries about the food budget. Feel free to experiment with growing basic vegetables. Planting in your own yard does not require you to be an expert. Encourage each member of your family to grow at least two different types of vegetables. Your families will eventually be eating the healthiest, most nutritious, healthy, and organic foods.

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