Happy Tears

Before anything else, I want you to ask yourself- “When was the last time I had my happy tears”? Do you even aware of those not so often moments in your life? Maybe yes. Or maybe no. Why? Well, there are always valid explanations for that. And only YOU will know the answer.

All of us will agree that not all tears are caused by pain, sadness, anger, or any sort of negative emotions. Sometimes, overwhelming happiness even loves or peace will let your tears flow down your face freely. Those are the “happy tears”. The unstoppable precious thing that you have to treasure.

Since we are talking about happy tears, let me share with you my latest happy tears. Let me to extent how grateful and happy I am that I’m able to experience it again.

It’s been years since I quit my dream job. I’d love my job that I don’t find it hard to wake up early the next day even after a tiring schedule I’d had the other day. I remember feeling energized every morning. Always looking forward to the daily routine. I like the feeling of receiving my monthly paycheck. And many more to mention. But I had to quit. I had to leave the environment wherein I considered my second home. Obviously, you will ask for my reasons, right? Well, I had to leave because of my health. That’s the main reason. So I had to choose wisely. To continue working and risking my health or submit my resignation and prioritize my health. So that’s it! I submit my resignation letter and I immediately return back to my hometown. I feel like I’m useless, disappointed, not capable of doing simple things, stressed by nonstop financial problems, etc. I almost feel like giving up.

Years, months, days had passed. On one windy and freezing morning, I woke up about an hour before the sun shines. Decided to get out of my bed. Fetch drinking water outside the house. Boil it and I made a cup of double-strength coffee. While enjoying my coffee, I almost jump up when I heard the ringtone of my phone. It’s still too early and I don’t actually receive any calls or messages from anyone since I quit my job. Well, except my parents because they will give me a call from time to time but definitely not around that hour. I don’t know but after quitting my job, I decided to change my phone number. Maybe I just wanted to be alone. But at that moment, I shockingly pick up my phone to see who’s calling.

Obviously, the number was not registered. I’m debating with myself if should I accept it or deny the mysterious caller. I end up pressing the yes button. I accepted the call. I was surprised when I finally recognized the voice on the other line. I couldn’t believe that I was talking to the owner of the company I was working with years ago! According to her, they value my tenure when I was working in the company. Unexpectedly or let me say surprisingly, they are actually monitoring my health progress since I left and starts with my medication. They even made arrangements with the hospital regarding my monthly medications. And I was in awe after knowing everything. I was speechless. I don’t even remember when the call ended. I don’t exactly remember if I utter the right words or did I really utter anything. Seriously I’m not so sure. And that’s fine. That’s understandable I guess.

Now that I’m fully recovered, I’m ready to face the new chapter of my life. With my dream job. AGAIN. And with my ever caring, supportive company. My happiness is beyond words!

That’s my not so short or not so long story.
I find it extra memorable moment in my life that’s why I decided to share it with you guys. If only could I preserved those happy tears, I would do it. But that’s impossible, right?

Happy tears makes us realize that there’s always something in this world that makes us off guard. Even if you consider yourself a tough person you will definitely feel the impact of happy tears in the most unexpected moments.

Those tears will actually reveal how you really appreciate life. And how you value everything that surrounds you. You will slowly understand that happy tears are very seldom. You will even consider it just like a miracle because you don’t usually find yourself crying when good things are happening in your life. Only the most precious one’s will let your magical happy tears to touch your lovely face.

Sometimes you may be thinking if when will be your next happy tears. Or when you will be experience the feeling of undescribed happiness again. The contentment. The satisfaction. You may even feel the thirst for happy tears. And of course, hoping not to experience the saddest tears. May we all have our happiest tears.

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