How To Diet – “14 Days No Sugar Challenge”

Sugar plays a significant role in our struggle to lose weight. As I looked back at what I ate last week, I realized that I couldn’t stop eating candy! I snacked on chocolate and chips. I consumed a couple of sodas and had a sandwich. Last week, I even ate junk food.

In a moment, I failed. So, I workout every day. I’d be able to work off some calories or in the very least. As ironic as it might be, I am now deeply disappointed because I was unable to control myself. Dieting and the weight-loss journey are both very serious matters. You must be self-disciplined and dedicated to your objective at all times.

My friend called me after dinner and had this so-called “brilliant idea” while I was drinking my coffee. Her exact words, in fact. She wishes for someone like me to acknowledge her challenge. She claims it’s all in good fun, but I’m sure I’ll win at the end of the challenge. Aside from the fact that it’s a fantastic concept for a dieter, I suppose I’ll consider her challenge. Once I finish the challenge, she’ll reward me to a healthy, nutritious meal.

Sounds attractive, isn’t it? She has become a huge help to me since the beginning of my weight loss journey. I am thankful for her encouragement and efforts to help me reach my goal. Her challenge was dubbed “14 Days No Sugar.” She listed the top 10 foods that I am not allowed to eat for the next 14 days!

Here is the list

No White Bread, No Ice cream, No Donuts, No Chips, No Soda, No FAST FOOD, No Burgers, No chocolates, No cookies, No cakes

Isn’t it simple? But, come on, are you serious? My favorites are all on the chart! But I’m not sure how I’m going to complete this mission. So I’m not going to turn down the invitation. I’ll give it a try! So please give me your good wishes! By the way, if someone else wishes to join in the challenge, I would be pleased.

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