Remembering the Magical Palace

A Short Story By: Brother Robs

Let’s continue on our journey to the other village.
I described the Magical palace in the previous chapter. “
Story of Vanishing Palace
” A Short story by: Mother Arceli

We’ll continue our journey to the other village to visit my brother’s residence. I couldn’t get my mother’s stories out of my mind while walking; in fact, I looked around at our resting spot, daring to see what my mother was showing me. Yet I couldn’t see it until we were out of there. However, my mother’s story continues to frighten me. I was still worried about my mother’s story until we arrived at my brother Robs home. I didn’t think twice about asking my older brother, if my mother’s story was true. Robs, my older brother, told me about the place right away.

Brother Robs Said: Little Brother, what your mother tells you is real. When my mother and I were there, I felt the same way about you at first. I don’t believe and I don’t see it. That I could see was gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking views. Until then my mother once told me to come here to this village, and on the way back, I still saw the palace. I didn’t see much at first, and I still ran when I arrived at that place. But one day, my brother, palace suddenly appeared in front of me. When I saw the castle, I was shocked. I felt a mixture of fear and amazement; I was stunned and unclear what to do; should I run or shout? When I saw the palace, I couldn’t talk for a few minutes. I suddenly recalled what my mother had told me when we were together. I took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.

Inverted image: Signify in another dimension

Mom’s stories came back to me, and I no longer doubted her narrative. I become pale and couldn’t move from my place. Until a group of kids suddenly stood up and invited me to join them in their game. When a child called me, I flickered my feet without hesitation to join in on their fun. Their games are similar to those we enjoy to play.

And, as a kid, I noticed that the futuristic toys they played with were unique, and I have yet to see anything similar to theirs until now. I’ll tell you more later little brother. Let us take a rest in the meantime. We really haven’t had dinner, and it’s getting late. Little brother, we had a great time together.

According to my brother’s story my worries had vanished, and I was now more eager to see the palace. I keep tickling my brother in order to finish the plot, but that’s enough for now. ” Brother Robs said”. Because it’s late at night and time to eat and relax and I’ll have to wait for next stories by my brother in order to became more familiar with the place.

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