First timer is in trouble


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It’s the day Chris and Chan have been looking forward to: new chapter of their life. Their parents are preparing to accompany them to the terminal. As I expected, the two did not fail to thank me before leaving the community. From now on they will stayed in city for a month and at least one day vacation to visit their home. Surely, their parents will miss them a lot.

The young people in the community were taken aback, when they saw Chan, Chris had a lot of baggage and were still accompanied by their parents. Everyone were definitely shocked to see Chris and Chan, and they wondered how the two of them could study without any financial support knowing the lifestyle in the community. The folks say something funny, but their parents didn’t oppose it, they simply smiled and stated that they would find a way for the two to finish the study.

They didn’t waste any time and proceeded on their way, carrying their school supplies. Also goods to cook, so that they do not have to spend too much money once they arrive. They even carry a sack of charcoal use for cooking. The passengers gaze at them because of what they are carrying.

They were both struggling with their belongings, because it is very heavy. As they carried their bags to their accommodations, the two were sweating heavily.  Everyone they pass on the street mocks them for what they are carrying and their looks, referring to them as “PROMDI“. They ignore it, since their minds are concentrated on studying they are not affected what others will say. They notice they had walk far from the terminal so as they see a shed they take a simple rest for a while.

Their parents, on the other hand, were scared and had been at our house earlier, waiting for their text, because they had no other means of communication other than my smartphone. It’s already nine o’clock at night, and there’s still no text. So, when Chris and Chan’s parents were on the balcony, I pretended I was going to get something inside the house. I quietly contacted the caretaker to arrange for the two to be picked up because they were most likely missing. I changed the phone number, and the caretaker promptly called it. A few minutes later, the caretaker called to tell me that they had contacted the two. And I went out on the balcony first to speak with their parents.

Their expressions showed their worry for their children. While we waited for the kids to text, while waiting we made coffee and tea. I didn’t inform them right away that the two had arrived safely. We waited for their text message, and then my phone rang. “I actually intended to amplify the notification so that when they hear it, they’ll shed their fear.” At the same time, their parents asked, Did they text you? I replied yes, they texted me, and I handed them the cellphone so they could see their children’s texts for themselves. Their sons texted us around ten o’clock at night. After that, their parents waved me goodnight since they were tired.  Perhaps Chris and Chan didn’t want their parents to be worried, so they didn’t go into depth about why they were late. Even though I had a clear idea of what had happened, I didn’t inform them.

PROMDI -Filipino modern word for people or a person who grew up in the province then goes to the city

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