Another trial after natural disaster


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The depressing situation right now, is another test that Chris and Chan have to pass. I heard that they didn’t seem to continue because they had nothing to look forward after the devastation cause by typhoon. Because they will help their parents in repairing their houses and gardens. That’s what Chris and Chan talked about while talking under a tree here near our house.

Chris and Chan still expecting from their harvest to pay for their rent in the city while they study there. Even our plantation was also damaged by the strong storm that formed, most of our houses here were damaged, our roofs were blown off because they were only made of light materials.

And because of this situation right now, the two couldn’t stop themselves from asking for help. Because education is a treasure as they say, so we lent them a little money to use while they still have no harvest in the field. The two were therefore revitalize and continue their studies despite of disasters and trials. The two hurried home to help their fathers fix the roof. For somehow they will leave their house a little tidy. And they told there parents about the good news.

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