Beginning of parental worry

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PART-8 The beginning of parental worry

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The two packed suitcases are prepared and ready for the next day.

Chris and Chan’s parents are nervous that they will be dealing with life in the city, given the fact that it is distant from their home, because the two have never been to the city before. This is the explanation their parent kept telling me regarding their fear. So, to ease their parents’ concerns, I jotted down on a piece of paper what they should do when they depart. It had never occurred to their parents that I knew anyone in that vicinity until today. So I simply keep telling them what they should do and where they should go so they can easily find the location to stay.

Their parents are also worried since their children will be away from them on several days. They are sad since their children are leaving in a few days. I immediately remembered how, when we were still in school, our parents almost refused to allow us go to our apartment since it was so far distant. Boys be cautious there, do not go hungry and eat well. These are the words that their parents repeatedly utter.

I also provided the children my cellphone number so they could call when they were away because they only had one mobile and nothing would be left to their parents. I said them this is my phone number, so if you want to send something or call your family, just message me; we’re simply here. Also, to relieve their parents’ anxieties. Then I assured them, “Your kids will like being there, and you will used to it; don’t worry, we will also call you boys.”

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