Simple Happiness of a Farmer

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The two hadn’t stopped helping their parents at the farm. Despite the recommendation of their parents to first rest and prepare for a new life in the city. Since our plantation is close to each other, I always cultivate the land alongside. I constantly work with them to develop the land. When I lose seedlings, I usually ask them and when they lose seedlings, I give and share them as well.

As part of local government efforts, farmers are always invited to attend seminars on agriculture in our community. There are also available free seeds and other gardening supplies given after finishing the seminars. Because some of the equipment for the farmers is quite costly. These programs are motivating farmers to continue their agriculture. The spirit of civic solidarity is present in our community.

Most residents in our town look down on us whenever they pass by. As distressing as it is to witness such a scenario, but we are unaffected by what others say, instead we continue to grow and care for the animals. As I observe, Chris and Chan did not give up hope despite being mocked by their classmates every time they saw them. They were usually on the farm, as though they didn’t want to study. And because the two are usually silent, no one is aware of their plight.

On the other hand, vegetables, meat, fish, and even spices are never purchased in this little town. What is the reason behind this? Because the so-called barter system is still alive and well here. So what about bartering? Barter is an exchange of products or services for other goods or services that does not include the use of money.

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