Renewed Hope – Sharing is Caring


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Basically, Chris and Chan are dealing with a major issue in the coming school semester about there accommodation, so we decided to give some assistance. Unknown to them we had a simple house nearby school and we made it for lease. Since we decide to live simple style, we stay in a place with happy faces and full of hope.

As we gave them renewed hope, we gave a instruction to the caretaker the information and they ought not specify any data about us on the off chance that the two inquired. Just power electricity, water will be charge to them and the lease is free.

Then we give a contact and brief information, so they couldn’t get lost on where they were going. What we told them, was we had colleagues around there and had a decent message for them. At the end of the day we have not yet disclosed to them the details, so they can by one way or another experience how to see the value of blessing. Also, they know is they will pay everything. In a week from now schooling will start.

From now on they starting to prepare their things. Packaging some basic needs like, rice, dried fish, nuts and any other preserved spices. The school uniform nothing to worry, because has also provide them along with the scholarship. Moreover, getting back is once each month just, to set aside more cash because of extremely high fare.

We proceed with our walk to our garden to reap vegetables and root crops. A great and favored day with a solid gather of vegetable and root crops.

<< read more of part 5 II read more of part 7>>

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