The mysterious old lady.

A horrific house in a remote village. An elderly lady lived there. According to the villagers, the elderly lady has been living alone since then. She barely ever left the house while some people dared to see her and even talk to the old lady.

And a nutshell, the said elderly lady was unfriendly. Few people will claim she is kind. Some said that she gives away fruits and vegetables produced from its plants on the property. She often distributes to children. Some believe the old lady is gorgeous and appears to be a young lady actually. When her shiny and grey hair is loose, she is said to mimic a fairy who is always friendly and charming.

Most residents, however, do not acknowledge that the elderly lady is their village’s leader. That is, the elderly lady must be too old based on her physical appearance. As a result, most people believe that old women possessed mysterious or supernatural powers. Although no one had been reported harmed by her, the residents in the area were scared to approach the elderly lady’s house. Only children do not hesitate to make every effort of getting to know the elderly lady. That was their secret to their parents if they went to the elderly lady’s isolated house.

When the aforementioned children return home, they bring their own fruits and veggies with them. The kids could not even figure out why their parents were afraid to approach the elderly lady. Still, now, kids secretly revisit that place.

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