The Promise of Tomorrow

They said that growth is both a painful and beautiful thing. Sometimes whenever we experience discomfort, pain, and sleepless nights we tend to break a little.

Have you ever experience that kind of thing? Don’t feel ashamed to say yes. I totally understand. Sometimes even if the cause of your discomfort is not that serious, you will somehow feel very down. Then automatically cry any time of the day. That’s okay. Don’t forget that being not okay is not wrong. You have the right to feel anything. Just know how to help yourself to get over that negative emotions.

“It’s not that easy!” Yes, that’s probably will be your initial reaction especially when there may be times when you also feel hopeless and alone. Even if you are surrounded by your loved ones, somehow you have this feeling of emptiness inside you that you yourself find hard to determine and explain. Am I right? Well, let me tell you that you are not the first person to ever experience that. And you are definitely not the only person on this planet who’s experiencing that. Every human being will encounter any sort of pain, loneliness, or discomfort. There’s no exemption in this world. All of us are going to face that challenges at some point in our life. Don’t lose faith, okay. You may not agree with me. You will actually argue with me but I totally understand you. Go ahead, arguing is good. Why? How? You will find the answer yourself sooner or later.

Okay! Okay, I hear you. Let’s say you are not convinced and really doubting yourself if you could surpass the pain and all those things that bothering you, do you really want to stop? Will you grab the white flag and willingly accept defeat? I guess not. You may sometimes drown yourself within your own mind. You tend to deny comfort from your family. Not allowing any helping hands. Building walls from them. Keeping the farthest distance from them. And so on. Let me say this once again, It’s Okay. You will win that battle within yourself sooner or later. One day, you will feel tired of all these.

What to do? Slowly, take a deep breath. Go for a long warm bath, then grab some books or have a cup of coffee under the oak tree. Try to meditate. Then don’t forget to pray, this time sincerely talks to the Highest. Little by little you will feel good, and you deserve it. Eventually, you will finally enjoy and savor the feeling of peace within your soul after overcoming the battle. You will feel happy and loved again. And you will feel more comfortable after crushing all the walls that you had built. You may replace it with a little garden full of flowering plants that will blossom during summer and fill the air with the soothing smell of roses, dandelion, lavender, and orchids! Then you will now have the courage to open your door and enjoy the company of the people that surrounds you. Altogether, you will enjoy the lovely scenery the world has to offer.

Then finally you will realize and you knew it, that all those processes are taking you to some level of growth which is a very beautiful thing. Just embrace all the stretch that is happening in your life because I’m sure it has a very meaningful purpose why these things are happening to you. Just take a deep breath, have faith, and believe the promise of tomorrow.

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