The Right Path: Looks May Be Deceiving, But It Is Worth It.

Was there a moment in your life when you find yourself sitting quietly inside your room or wandering all alone in a garden, staring blankly at the world that surrounds you?

At some point in our life we will reach that crossroads. Roads that trying to be tricky for us to take a little, slower pace on our journey. There were roads that required us slow down then eventually we needed to stop. On the other side, there are roads that looks beautiful, less bumpy and inviting from afar but when you finally reached that road, it will disappoints you because at the end of that beautiful and inviting road only to find the dead end of that road. You are lucky enough if there’s a chance for you to take the the U-turn and if you are brave enough to risk yourself heading to an unknown path so you could go back to were you has started.

But what if out of the blue there’s a narrow, bumpy and unknown path that suddenly in sight? Would you dare to go? If you are an adventurous person, I guess the thought of following an unknown direction is somewhat a great adventure to you and it would bring you so much satisfaction. But this would be a whole different story if you are not the type of person who has the courage to take a risk. It is a hard task for people who are not a risk taker therefore they will be afraid to go for a drive in an unknown path. They won’t dare to follow that road. But what to do if that’s the only option you have aside from calling for some help to get you out of that road? Are you willing to take a risk by heading to an unknown direction? Or are you gonna let yourself stuck inside your car and wait for help to come?

There was a time when I used to asked myself “Am I doing the right thing?”, “Did I blame myself for not taking the course I’d actually loved when I was in college?”, and there was a lot of ‘what ifs’. Every time I was on that staring-blanky-deep-thinking moments, I realized that I was actually like in a stagnant state. In short, I was very unproductive. All the things that I supposed to do was being affected. I couldn’t make myself to perform my daily task accordingly. It feels like, all is a mess.

One day, I had this feeling that I wanted to burst out but I just can’t. I had this weird feeling that there was a cold war inside me. It’s like there was a silent debate happening within my soul. I don’t know how to express it well so hope you’ll bear with me. When I couldn’t help myself from those kind of situations, I decided to go for a quiet, calm and peaceful getaway. Away from everything. I had to do it. I had to end it all. I wanted to live a life with a more peaceful, stress-free and simple living. I wanted to let go of all the things that happened in the past. I wanted to stop regretting from the choices that I didn’t choose. I wanted to become a risk taker. I wanted to become braver and have enough courage to take that unknown roads. I definitely don’t like the idea of letting myself sitting inside my car, waiting for some help to come. I wanted to do it on my own. So the only choice is to insert the car key, turn on the engine and just move forward even if you are heading to that unknown direction. Have faith in yourself. Everything will be worth it soon. You just have to be open on the other opportunities available in front of you. It’s okay to be afraid but it is not okay if you let your fear consumes you. Would it be nice if you try to accept the things that happening to you? Does it sounds great if you try harder to become more adventurous and ready to go for an any adventures life has to offer?

Always remember that if you reach that dead end of the road, don’t feel discourage for there is always a solution. Just look for that undiscovered and unknown road. Who knows, that road will lead you to a more satisfying destination and a stunning, jaw-dropping paradise is just waiting for your arrival.

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