Tourism in Ligao City, Albay

Lets Visit a Simple City in Bicol Area Particularly in Albay


A location like Ligao City is a Hidden Gem in the Albay archipelago, with Agriculture, agri-based industries, trading and commercial activities as its primary source of income.

Ligao City, sits at the foot of the breathtaking Mayon Volcano, has vast tourist and growth potential. Aside from a stunning view of Mayon Volcano, the city is endowed with caves, mountains, reservoirs, and coastlines.

How to Visit Ligao City?

Let’s start from Center of Philippines economic Manila City.


Entry A: Cubao terminal to Ligao City (OPERATIONAL)
Entry B: Pasay terminal to Ligao City (OPERATIONAL)
Travel Time: 10HRS to 14HRS


(Temporal Closed DUE COVID and on-going facility repair)

Credit: Philippine National Railway

A: Manila Airport to Legazpi Airport (OPERATIONAL)
B: Manila Airport to Bicol International Airport (GORVERNMENT TARGET OPENNING END OF 2021) (Located in Anislag Daraga Albay)
Air Travel Time: 48MINS to 1HR

From Legazpi airport you need to take a tricycle ride about 10mins going to Legazpi terminal then transfer to bus, jeepney or van going to Ligao City (daily trips schedule from 5:00AM to 9:00PM.
Land Travel Time: 1HRS to 1.5HRS

Total Air and Land travel Time: 3HRS

Ligao City Tourist Destination


California Village, Tuburan, Ligao City, Albay is a home of Kawa-kawa Hill and Natural Park is now a popular ecotourism destination for nature lovers and trekkers from all around the province. Kawa-kawa became famous for its hollowed top that resembled a gigantic cauldron. During the summer, the Park is also used for summer camps and scouting activities, with obstacle courses constructed in in the heart of the sanctified top.

Another attraction was established in 2014, attracting thousands of people. It’s a one-hectare sanctuary for several species of the vast gene family as bamboo. The Bambusetum, located in the slopes of the Kawa-Kawa Hills, is another pride of Tuburan, Ligao City.

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The location is spacious and can accommodate big groups, making it ideal for group vacations. The staff is attentive and considerate of the customers’ needs, and the calm ambience of the establishment makes it an ideal location to unwind. A note of warning to potential vacationers: the location is not accessible by public transportation because it is sited far from the city center.


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A unique destination for trekkers, campers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts. Stargazing at night and Mayon Volcano watching all day.

Hobbit houses are widespread in other countries, and Ligao City has something to offer in terms of the ideal place to interact with nature and overlook Mt. Mayon. Hobbit home serves us picture frames for Mt. Mayon.

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