Caramoran, West Catanduanes

Glimpse of Caramoran

Caramoran is known for its gorgeous beaches, spectacular rock formations along the coast, and the magnificent Palumbanes Island.

Tourist Attraction


This beach, the pride of the municipality of Caramoran, has spectacular gardens of coral formations underneath, making it ideal for snorkeling and spear fishing.


Palumbanes Island, also known locally as “Parompong,” was once a well kept secret.
A boat trip of almost an hour from the town of Caramoran shows the unspoiled Palumbanes Island, which provides a superb island vacation experience away from the city congestion.

Palumbanes has three islands.


Let’s keep things interesting a little by looking directly at one of these Palumbanes Isles, Bitaog Island, which reveals a sheap figure.

Bitaog Beach is a pristine beach with no commercial establishments, making it ideal for people who just wish to appreciate nature’s magnificence.


Let’s spice things up a little by gazing straight at one of these Palumbanes Isles, Tingob Island, which revels us a bear figure.

Ciriaco Loresto’s family (lolo Cacoy) once owned it. Beaches with white sand and with plenty of sea and sun! Five hrs via Caramoran, where the ferry to the island departs.


Let’s spice things up a little by glancing closely at one of these Palumbanes Isles, Calabagio Island, which exhibits a running and leaping horse figure.

Another breathtaking island with unspoiled scenery.

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