In Bicol, there are several places to visit for vacation. One of them is Catanduanes Province’s Island. It is also a formerly difficult-to-reach island.

However, getting to Catanduanes Island is now easy because there are several alternative routes.

How to Visit Catanduanes Island Province?

  • From manila to catanduanes airport – Expensive fare not recommended.
  • From manila to legazpi airport – Economical recommended.
TRAVEL by Land: Legazpi to Tabaco City Port
  • From Legazpi to Tabaco City Port- Bus/van/jeep/rental private car
TRAVEL by Sea: Tabaco City to Catanduanes

VIA San Andres, Catanduanes – MV Regina Calixta and MV Star Ferry

  • From Tabaco travel time: 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 10:30AM and 1:00PM
  • To Tabaco travel time: 6:30AM, 8:00AM, 1:00PM and 2:00PM

VIA Virac, Catanduanes – MV Eugene Ferry

  • From Tabaco Port travel time: 6:30 AM
  • To Tabaco Port travel time: 1:00 PM

VIA San Andres, Catanduanes – Silangan Express Fastcraft Ferry

  • From Tabaco Port travel time: 12:30 PM
  • To Tabaco Port travel time: 7:00 AM

More about Catanduanes Island

Catanduanes is mainly composed of 11 towns. Catanduanes is split into two sections: West Catanduanes and East Catanduanes.

Catanduanes Province by West: Virac, San Andres & Caramoran & Catanduanes Province by East: Bato, San Miguel, Baras, Gigmoto, Viga, Panganiban, Bagamanoc, Pandan.

About Tourist Destination

When it comes to tourism, Catanduanes has a lot to offer, including gorgeous countryside, the beach, caves, falls, and historical sites.


Bato, East Catanduanes

Patag Island, Sakahon Beach, Bato Church, Balongbong Falls, Batalay Mangrove Eco Park, Batalay Shrine, Bitaogan Cove, Bote Lighthouse, Mount Pinagkaayonan (Lantad), Maribina Falls

Baras, East Catanduanes

Puraran Beach and Surf Spot, Balacay Point, Binurong Point

Balite, Viga, San Miguel, Gigmoto, Bagamanoc, East Catanduanes

Paday Falls, Palestina Rolling Hills, Mamangal Beach, Nahulugan Falls, Solong Falls

Pandan, East Catanduanes

Tuwad-tuwadan Blue Lagoon, Pandan Parish Church, Parway Falls, Sû-nog Sea Cave, Yabu-Yabuhan, Pandan Lighthouse, Hinik-Hinik Falls, Hiyop Highlands, Cagnipa Cove, Cagnipa Rolling Hills, Campilan Beach, Linampawan Falls, Macailao Beach, Mambang Beach, Maturin Rock Island, Pandan Mangrove Reserve


Virac, West Catanduanes

Santo Domingo River, Shrine of the Holy Innocents, Talisoy Beach, Twin Rock Beach, Virac Cathedral, Amenia Beach, Prayer Mountain, Igang Chapel Ruins, Kasingsing Beach, Museo de Catanduanes, Hawan Grande Luyang Cave, Batag Beach, Little Batag Beach, Magnesia del Norte Beach, Magnesia del Sur Beach, Marilima Beach

San Andres, West Catanduanes

Talahid Falls, Batong Paloway, Luyang Cave, Mount Cagmasoso

Caramoran, West Catanduanes

Palumbanes Islands, Toytoy Beach

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