Pause. Stop. Think.

The Importance Of Self Monitoring.

Are you happy with your job?

How do you feel waking up in the morning and getting ready for another day at work?
Do you still have the raging energy and burning passion for your current job?
If your answer is no, or you’re not sure what to say, try to take a short leave and have a serious talk with yourself. You could go for a short staycation wherein you could relax and calm your inner self.

Sometimes staying away for a while from daily routine helps a lot to a person who wants to clear their mind. It mostly happens to those people who are too occupied with their jobs to the point that they couldn’t find the way anymore on how to balance their lifestyle again.

Well, sometimes we are not aware that putting our full attention to our jobs will somehow make us feel suffocated in the end. I am not saying that it is wrong to give your all, what I am saying is that sometimes when people get too focused.
They tend to become paranoid that sometimes they couldn’t think clearly anymore.
They can’t decide whether they are doing enough or if their dedication and effort are not reaching their own expectations.

It is a fact that sometimes most people fail to judge themselves. When this thing happens to a person, usually they start to think if they are still doing the right thing, or if it is worth it to stay in a job wherein they couldn’t feel the satisfaction with their own performance. Sometimes even good feedback and excellent evaluation from their superiors didn’t help at all because they are already caught up with their own judgment of themselves.

Then, their passion for work will slowly disappear. So you must monitor yourself. Let there be a balance between your work and personal stuff so you could avoid this kind of scenario.
It is important to always check yourself.
1. Evaluate yourself once in a while.
Don’t let yourself doubt the person inside you.
You’re doing just fine.
You just have to learn to pause or if necessary, learn to step backward.
Stepping backward doesn’t mean you are taking the weak peoples’ way of actions.

Note: That stepping backward means you are smart enough to acknowledge all the challenges, struggles, and stress that you are facing. Stepping backward is one of the bravest decisions only smart and practical people are capable of doing so don’t feel discouraged. Once you let yourself take one step backward, you let yourself see things clearly. You are doing a good job for yourself.

It is a must to clear your mind, re-evaluate yourself, remember how you start, build your passion with work again, then everything will be alright again.
Don’t be afraid to pause for a while. Just make sure to push yourself to move forward again. At this time, you’ll have to continue moving and stepping forward.

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