Kitchen area, Bedroom and Bathroom. This is an perfect example of a small house “Modular Type” with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Perfect for young couple, many people are searching for plans like this and also this is effective on small lots easy to build.

Construction Method:

Exterior wall finish:

Choose depending on the availability of materials in your market, for example: aluminum composite panel, metal siding, curtain wall or stone cladding finish, stucco finish and so on.

Flooring & Finish:

The ideal floor is a raised concrete slab with a vapor barrier underneath. There are numerous floor finishing choices, such as polish finish, vinyl or carpet finish, ceramic tile, Natural Stone and wood planks, and so on.


Exterior wall framing use 6″x2″ Solid wood “SYP”, for interior wall framing use 4″x2″ Solid wood “SYP” and roof panel framing use 4″x2″ Solid wood “SYP”


There are numerous roof finish options available throughout the world, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, solar tiles, rubber slate, green roof, built up roofing, and so on.


There are many options for insulation, including fiberglass, mineral (rock or slag) wool, polyurethane, foam boards or foam blocks, foil-faced kraft paper, plastic film, and polyethylene bubbles. And so on.

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