Be a blessing.

What was the simplest or the most meaningful blessing you’ve recently received?

How does it make you feel? Are you the type of person who is easily moved by simple gestures?

Even the smallest blessings or gestures could make a sentimental person’s heart melt. When good things happen to them, they get too excited. They can’t help but express their real feelings. Those people are incredible and they are ready and willing to share themselves. I admire those individuals who freely express themselves. I respect those people who honestly express their sincere gratitude when someone makes them happy or does something positive for them. I respect those people who know how to consider and accept what their friends or neighbors have done for them. It made them even more cool because they learned how to repay the favor or reciprocate the kindness shown to them. It made them even more amazing because they learned how to repay the favor or reciprocate the goodness and love that they had got. Isn’t it nice? if everyone in your community is like that? What a wonderful place to live, isn’t it?

All of us want to live in a world where people will live in peace and harmony. I was in shock a few days ago when I actually got to return to my mother’s hometown. The environment is peaceful and clean, and there are trees everywhere. I first visited there several years ago. I’d say that the majority of the people I’ve met are new to me. Only a couple of them were familiar to me. I’m afraid to leave the house and I’m afraid of meeting strangers and failing to remember them. But my grandmother wouldn’t even let me sit indoors the rest of the day. She pulled me along with her as she went to see a neighbor. It was almost sundown at the moment, and it was a wonderful time to stroll across the neighborhood. As we arrived at our destination, her friend quickly gave us a tray of tea and baked cookies. It’s delicious. My grandmother had a wonderful time chatting with her neighbor. We agreed to head home an hour later. Her friend brought us a little basket of freshly baked cookies and biscuits. My grandmother grows uneasy when we reach the halfway point. She claimed that she was feeling exhausted and dizzy. Since the path is safe and there are trees along the way, I told her to stop walking and sit for a while under a tree. We came to a halt and took a break. After a few seconds, there was this guy riding his precious cow. He approached us and asked as to what had happened and whether he could assist us in any way. His gesture moved me deeply. He was so kind to approach and provide assistance. It was clear that my grandmother was in a terrible situation. I was afraid of the cow, to be honest. But it seems that I don’t have an option. We were in the middle of nowhere, with no taxi or car available. As a mode of transportation, only farm animals are available. I respectfully explained what had happened to my grandmother to the man. He didn’t waste time. He carried my grandmother and assisted her in sitting on the improvised wooden chair attached to the long back of the cow. I told him I could just walk beside them and follow them.

Finally, we arrived at the house. We promptly requested that my grandmother’s private nurse examine her. The nurse was delighted to learn that my grandmother had been rescued from a minor heart attack. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to Granny if it hadn’t been for the man and his cows. I was relieved when the man and his cow came out of nowhere. He appeared to me to be an angel sent from on above. He saved my grandmother’s life.

We are simply thankful that there is still someone out there who is willing to assist strangers. He was a godsend. I pray that heaven continues to shower him with blessings. He is one of the miracles and wonders that are arising in front of my eyes.

Know that there is still a grace, a miracle, or a wonder happening around us every day. We simply need to be more vigilant. Take good care in all, and you’ll be surprised by how lucky you are.

On top of that, be a positive so your good karma will always be around your corner. And everyone will be each other’s blessings.

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