Be Brave

What is being brave really means?

Those are commonly asked questions by individuals who are facing different uncertainty in life. Sometimes even the strongest, well-experienced independent persons are asking those questions at some point in their lives. We are human beings after all. Every day we are facing different life scenarios. We cannot escape the reality of the world. And that’s the fact.

According to the dictionary, being brave means you are ready to face and endure any danger or pain. It sounds as if it is too easy, right? But honestly, I personally find it hard to digest! Sometimes I find it difficult to apply it to myself. A few years ago, I was bitten by a dog and I’m so scared when the village doctor was about to use some kind of a blade to cut around the wound! He kept on saying ” Be brave. Just a few cuts. We need to let the blood out.” Every time I think about those memories I kind of laugh at myself. I can’t imagine how terrified I am. And how I managed to not cry out loud. Sometimes having some terrifying experiences helps us to re-access our tolerance in facing fear.

There are different kinds of uncertainly that we will encounter in life. Some are easy to face and fix. Some will be hard and difficult to solve. But don’t be afraid. You are not alone. Every day, many people are facing their own battles. We are all players in this world. Remember that no one is exempted. We will encounter happiness and sometimes hardships. That’s the reality.

Remember that being brave doesn’t mean you are incapable of fear. Courageous people use their fear to ensure that they are not overly confident in facing any challenges in life. They also feel fear but they know how to overcome it. They continuously learning how to manage and control their emotions so that they can take the appropriate actions in dealing with any difficulties in life.

There’s nothing wrong if you are trying to improve yourself to become braver. It is somehow important to be brave or let’s say to be a braver version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to accept or embrace your vulnerability. Being able to accept that will really help you a lot to determine, develop or reinvent yourself.

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