Becoming a Great Leader

Confidence and Leadership Abilities

Why is he so confident of himself?
What is really his secret?
Where did his bravery come from?

He continues with his tasks and easily solves each problem he encounters. His life seemed to be free of difficulties.
Many people have been taken surprised by his personality. Maybe it’s because he did better in school, or maybe he’s just really smart. Another explanation for his bravery could be his previous experience in that field.

Based on the great example he shows us what we can do is continue practicing whatever we can so, that we can grow and mature from the lessons which are set before us.

Let’s take the Lion for example. What makes them prime?

Lion Characteristics:

Lions are aggressive, predictable and dependable, always know where they stand, and has confidence and leadership abilities


The only large cats who live in packs, known as prides, are lions.

The most sociable of the large cats, and they hunt in groups

Love sleeping and relaxing. They sleep and relax up to 20 hours a day.

Caring mothers and can also look after an abandoned cub

They communicate and use a range of characteristics, and their expressive actions are intelligent than humans.

Symbols of fortitude and bravery.

They are also popular symbols of sovereignty, which is why the term “King of the jungle” was created.

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