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Childhood Memories

Great ideas begin in our childhood.

BY: Son ▒ Memories ▒ Ideas

We all have childhood experiences that we will never forget.

My early recollections are filled with happy times driven through by the natural setting.

Child Creativity & Resourcefulness

I don’t have much access to modernity or technological devices because I grew up in the wilderness. If there are any, the older siblings will give you their old toy.

Because I enjoy playing so much, I will never forget which toys I am pretty proud of. The first is a wooden vehicle with wooden wheels, or an old pair of slippers with shaped wheels. There is also a chance that the wheel will be created quickly, in which case I will just take the fruit of the tree and do the same with my car’s wheel.

Then it cannot be completed if there is no road; my answer there when I’m young was to create a road out of the mud itself; I would take ash from the wooden stove and wet it a little to thicken and stick to the ground, and now my wooden car has a road to run like a cement road.

Child Imagination

The children’s creativity did not stop there; I recall, and it is still fresh in my mind, how I constructed mud toys. Earthenware plates, glasses, tables, and chairs, among other things.

In addition, we used to create single-story, double-story, and even high-rise buildings out of mud.

How about you? What childhood experiences when you were young?

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