Design Concept for a Modular House

This section introduces the concept of modular designing and how it can be related to architecture and engineering.

Designing is a complex process and it can take months or even years before a project is completed. Modular design simplifies the design process by breaking down the project into smaller modules which are then designed separately, as well as assembled together.

A modular design system may consist of modules for energy, water, transport, housing, education etc., which could be combined to create a city. The advantages of such an approach are that not only does it simplify the design process but also provides for greater flexibility in responding to changing needs and circumstances.

This is an example of a modular residential building design. Made with used containers placed on top of each other to form a dwelling.

When it comes to construction, the modular approach is one of the simplest and quickest methods. Because all fabrication will take place at the factory, it will only be sent to the building site after it is ready for assembly.

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